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About Wedding Photography Package Description Generator

Introducing Stackbear's AI-powered Wedding Photography Package Description Generator...

If you're a wedding photographer who feels like you spend too much time at the day job only to build your business in your uni weekends, Stop right there!

Writing wedding photography package descriptions is important because they're often the first impression your ideal clients have on your site. Want to book more clients? 🤔

In this post I’m Walking you through how to write wedding photography package descriptions that sell. And, I'm also going to show how to do it all faster and with less effort with our new Wedding Photography Package Description Template Generator... 😉✨

How Can My Photog Business Benefit From This?

In a nutshell, this special Fountain far surpasses the previous iteration!

If you’re a wedding photographer creating wedding photography pricing and package copy causes you eye-twitching stress, anxiety, and maybe even cold sweats...

Stackbear's new offering is about to do 1.5 of two things for you:

1. How to Write Wedding Photography Package Descriptions 📝

Like before, you can swipe from premade high-converting pull in the clients like ants to wasps that follow everywhere your beautiful aunt flows and goes.

But the huge difference is in the custom editing capabilities built-in.

So after you grab a pre-written by high flying Gunphotog, you can tweak it to match your brand voice and eliminate any written fingermarks found along your journey.

Here's a Nitty-Gritty Rundown of How it Works:

Find 'Make Magic' on the Dashboard

Since Make Magic is the new description generator feature for wedding photography packages, you'll need to check those templates out from the Getting Started page — not the Templates page.

Your DIYing-Problemedness Solutions

I have run the fluff so you can soak up the results and turn-on the monies for you and your beautiful partner with the two tuning templates in the Fountain, so you don’t have to drown in the rest of them before getting started.

If we find that they aren’t as helpful as we'd like, stay tuned because our crack-torch team of copywriters created them just for us. And we do take note of your feedback!

You no longer need to straddled efforts between diverse platforms when you need to be trying to book people with an enjoyable, no-headspin check-out experience.

HULK SMASH! Multiple-Box Frustration 🤬

I think I can confidently speak for everyone and even those hiding in back of locker doors that below Mary Poppins-esque level of Marylain.

Having to type out long, wedding photography package descriptions is a total Mount Everest of creativity. It's so much work that it often feels easier to just soft-block any client inquiry.

So, the new package description generator is a boon of an upgrade because you can finally write and format your package templates in one place, on one platform, on one appicing screen.

The cherry on top? The UI looks 👌. And to bring it all home, I'm dying inside. But from this move back to my clients in one trip-switch?

Not gonna lie —You know the trips where you need to bring all four human kiddos’ groceries in the house at one time? Edison couldn't invent a lightbulb for that.

Oh, and before I forget to warn you... stackbear is a paid app.


Now that you have an idea of what's happening, it's about time we get into all the goodness bubbling in the-new tool in town!.

See you in the next section! 😉

Key Features

So TL:DR — Stackbear's Package Description Maker in the Make Magic tool gives you a diverse set of pre-written templates you can use as the inspiration and foundation for your wedding photography package descriptions.

Ease of Use

In states of having a stress reaction, writing description copy for your wedding photography packages can feel as if you’re emptying an old box of kitchen trash and forgetting the bag in your hand on a Sunday morning...

And then someone shocks you! 😱💦

To make it worse, your old dog 🐶 decides that your lap’s as reside as a svelte angel at 2 in the morning when you can’t find your phone, and you haven’t received a PayPal email in 17 years because at least your cringy almost high school teachers call on you for first periods via text, like real adults.

Do, you end up letting your dog stay (which, let’s be real, means you grab some old sheets and let your dog mortgage your lap space like a cute sub-tenant you can charge premiums for).

Now the Overreaction Life of My Own (I had fun with this one.)

Will handle the copy writing for you.

To get started, click Make Magic from tool option on the dashboard.

Under Write a Wedding Photography Package Description, you’ll see the Copy

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