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About VetConsult Summary Composer

Introducing the VetConsult Summary Composer: A User-Friendly, AI-Powered Veterinary Medicine Tool

As a professional in veterinary medicine, you understand the value that efficient, accurate, and professional consultation summaries bring to client engagement and the camaraderie of your practice. Our new VetConsult Summary Composer allows you to draft online summaries with specially curated and user-friendly writing to accomplish just that.

Vet Consult Summary Composer helps veterinarians:

If you’re using our VetConsult Summary Composer, you’re tasked with summarizing consultations quickly and professionally while ensuring you stay within the scope of the examination and charge the appropriate fee. You need to mention clinical signs, treatment options, and dosages if medications are prescribed, recall recommendations, etc., but without having to redo work or leave out critical items.

This summary leads to better client engagement and may even lead clients to refer other pet owners to your practice, especially if they are satisfied with the treatment or advice they received for their animals.

Vet Consult Summary Composer’s features and benefits are:

How Vet Consult Summary Composer Can Help You

To get started on this tool, you only need a few vital registration details to begin, gathering access to the data that you need to use your VetCloud tool license and practice management software. The platform integrates with your practice management system, coming close to the actual experience of a face-to-face meeting while allowing for teleconferencing features and in-depth clinical detail.

Vet Consult Summary Composer can help you spend less time crafting consultation summaries and begin the billing and invoices process immediately afterwards. While automatically entering clinical details, treatment plans, medication recommendations, and even automated codes for quick billing, it will be as if you had a designated scribe drafting notes in the background throughout your patient’s consultation.

When it comes to amendments made on Vet Consult Summary Composer, you don’t have to worry about missing information in previous summaries, with the tool offering seamless revisions and updates following the original consultation, as things can change between successive meetings for treatment of any recurring conditions or monitoring of an animal’s progress. With you in mind, the tool can identify the right structure and appropriate language for your clients using AI technology.

A Professional Summary Is Only a Click Away

It’s never ideal when dictating or writing consultation summaries for veterinary web apps, as even talkative conversations can be difficult to reproduce with clarity and accuracy. This is true more so when the original message is conveyed in a language that the summarizer is not fluent in. With Vet Consult Summary Composer, discretion doesn’t have to be sacrificed for convenience. You get the option to dictate, type, or use a combination of both to get the report just right.

At times, treatment and post-consultation monitoring may require scheduling outstanding tests for an animal or requesting a re-consultation to check progress. Vet Consult Summary Composer allows you to include referrals and recalls as important components in your summary documents, helping the client to make the next appointment as outlined in the treatment protocol. You have the added benefit of using hundreds of pre-written templates that can be adapted to summarizing different conditions and treatment plans. Authored by our veterinary medical communications team, the templates follow industry best practices and are suitable for various common diseases and presenting clinical signs.

This tool is also anticipatory and offers additional options to help you navigate your job better. The coaching functionality can coach vet students and new veterinary graduates, mirroring a veteran veterinarian in practice and enabling you to evaluate recorded consultation videos more efficiently.

Putting the Client First

Despite being consistent, consult template drafts often need to be adjusted, as vet students and new graduates may struggle to frame their first summaries, ensuring that all essential material is covered accurately. If English is their second can personalize and update the draft summaries they created, developing their writing in response to feedback provided in tool own language, report editing functionality will help them find and improve the areas viable for fixes, clarifications, and reinforcement.

This tool is also suitable for practices with a variety of underlying conditions that may require special attention or focus. The clinical trial use summary drafting wizards will review given trial details and past summaries, helping articulate a summary meeting typical compliance requirements for the completion of a veterinary study. Additionally, Owners with a lot of scheduled meetings or more than one pet can pull data, and feeding will be easier and more organized.

Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Optimization

Vet Consult Summary Composer shines in its ability to connect powerfully with the other tools and features on VetCloud, our web-based platform for veterinary business and marketing management. The AI algorithm is designed to abstractly understand seemingly disparate information, from camera feed observations and third-party articles accessed from the internet during a consultation, to radiograph results and antibiotic resistance information found in the patient’s historical vaccination record in seconds.

Whether your vet clinic is big, small, or a part of the research sphere, availing Vet Consult Summary Composer can substantially improve the quality of your reports, meeting insurance and industry compliance regulations.


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