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Introducing Our Revolutionary AI-powered Tool: The Therapy Report Generator

Here's a riddle for you: What takes hours to write and even more time and effort to edit? If you guessed a behavioral assessment report, you'd be absolutely right—if you're a mental health professional, that is.

Derived from your clinical observations, including diagnostic interviews and any other relevant data, reports are an essential part of your role and are even required to meet various insurance and legal standards. Handing over documents that provide detailed information about symptom onset, differential diagnoses, any potential comorbidity, the individual's level of functioning, and next steps for treatment is crucial to helping patients continue their journey toward recovery.

But writing these documents is no small feat. It requires you to exercise your compassion and therapeutic skills, and not all therapists love the process. The Anxiety Depression Association of America reported that producing the narrative can be time-consuming, especially for early-career psychologists, and is even a source of stress that could contribute to suicide risk.

To help you save time and minimize your stress, we present the StackBear Therapy Report Generator!

Hasta el Rapport Hasta la Vista, Baby

A therapy report's main purpose is to present your diagnostic conclusions about a client's behavioral issues and offer treatment recommendations. Consistently producing a document inclusive of all required elements allows effective treatment to be carried out and shared with insurance companies, other medical providers, and employers—a true nuisance.

Although typically completed within a single typing session or across multiple sittings and completed within about a week after completion of the assessment, document production varies widely based on an individual clinician’s style, experience, and workload. Avoid all-nighters and getting home well after dinner thanks to this report generator.

Picture This: Artistry In Data Presentation

Writing reports doesn’t come naturally to every mental health practitioner, which can make the process of generating documents take longer for some professionals than it does for others. In an interview with, Steve Babbage, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the field of professional healthcare, explains how writing a report is a complex process that involves reflecting on a vast amount of data.

“I think it’s important to see report writing as a creative activity, but the object of the creative activity is the data, the client…the creation of a report brings an analytic, creative approach to pulling that information together into a cohesive narrative, and then to making decisions about what will and what won’t be included.”

Dig out your timeless art of psychotherapy. Because faster reports mean more time for practicing the craft.

Chicken Fajitas and Cloud Feedback

Generally, you can breeze through a form-filling website, typing and clicking on your own and maybe tapping on the desktop when you get impatient. Writing an assessment report often takes a similar amount of work. Initial sessions will often revolve around reviewing the assessment, the mental health professional and the clinical data, and any other important background.

Reports take time.

One study notes that increasing workloads encouraged psychologists to use standardized assessment tools and reports to reduce the number of assessments conducted, streamline the assessment process to collect information efficiently, and help provide timely feedback. What's the result? Predictably, more and more therapists use standardized tools.

At StackBear, we prefer a bit more of an intimate level of care. However, when using this new tool, you'll find that providing a clinical description of the individual's history, including relevant medical, familial, educational, and social aspects, is easier than ever before. And dwelling deeper into clinical details? More about that later.

Remember, Clark Kent Starts Out As a Bumbling Reporter, But Look at Him Now

“It’s really about putting together points more effectively—tying over results to thorough text and; that’s really fleshed out in the process of providing relevant clinical information for the individual client. In reality, we are doing exorbitantly large amounts of writing all the time—case notes, appointments, initial intakes—and every evaluation and report we have to write, many of us are thinking, ‘This should be better and faster.”

Writing not only a narrative, but a powerful evaluation report is an important job skill for many professions. And I agree with Steve.

Our Therapy Report Generator aids therapists and mental health professionals in creating concise and meaningful behavioral assessment reports. By providing patient details and observed behaviors, you can generate a professionally-written report in no time.

Depending on the reason for conducting an assessment, mental health professionals might use several assessment tools….

AND that's where we come in!

The Chocolate Ganache of Patriotic Edibles

Here's the first hard truth, that might irk you depending on how much you enjoy writing reports: There’s no "one report fits all," and a good report should be right for the purpose, context, and the intended audience.

AND with The StackBear Therapy Report Generator, that's entirely possible. Designed to ensure that the same

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