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About Therapy Form Genie

Therapy Form Genie is a revolutionary application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make the lives of therapists and medical professionals that much easier. How does it do that? It enables you to effortlessly create a patient intake form thanks to an advanced AI system, making a clinical service or telehealth visit ten times smoother for the mental health professional and their patients or clients.

AI technology works behind the scenes, asking specific, standardized questions you, the therapist, would ask when learning about a new patient. They range from the patient's name and contact info, to more nuanced questions like their interests and hobbies or background on their mental health history. It takes the stress of remembering all those standard questions away. Additionally, the tool caters towards different kinds of therapy, allowing you to further select from the many therapy modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), among others.

And, once the therapist fills out the survey's necessary information made for each client, TherapyFormGenie drafts an organized text file, ready to be sent over to the soon-to-be patient to complete and return back to you. And don't worry, your patient's confidential answers are never seen by humans. With our platform, your office staff won't make any admin errors or accidentally forget to include the required questions in your intake form template, as other mental health companies frequently run into.

This way, TherapyFormGenie streamlines the health intake process while keeping your patient's sensitive and personal information safe, secure, and anonymous. Our objective is to ensure that the mental health screening process is as straightforward as possible. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, both patients and therapists should find the application easy to navigate.

Let's go into more depth. We'll give you a simple step-by-step so you can see exactly what you should expect to experience using this system.

Step 1: The first part of the process involves requesting a unique link from the application. You will then send this link to a new patient who needs to complete their therapy intake forms.

Step 2: The initial patient, then, clicks on the link and begins the process. They will be asked to complete all the necessary questions to create patient intake forms, which will later be emailed to them for reference. We made sure to include all the relevant information COVID-19 changed about the industry in March 2020, such as the "preferred pronouns" section.

Step 3: After the patient has completed the therapy forms, both they and the therapist receive an email. This email contains an official PDF copy of the generated forms, ready to download.

Step 4: The practitioner can choose to save these therapy health intake forms to their medical record coversheet for future reference. They're then able to begin to treat their new patient right away!

It is crucial to underscore how streamlined the process remains. The app's developers, StackBear, sought to create an AI-based software that would minimize pain points at every stage of generating an initial patient questionnaire- and any mental health professional can appreciate the complexity that comes with this task!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, therapy modalities have evolved. An increasing number of patients now seek out mental health sessions through telehealth appointments rather than in-person meetings — but this transformation comes with new considerations. The health portal had to be reimagined to take into account the new needs of today's patients and clinical providers. The StackBear software does just that.

Telehealth sessions often require a streamlined onboarding process, as the connection is established remotely, rather than in a traditional therapist's office. Thanks to StackBear's telehealth application, therapists can onboard patients seamlessly and focus on providing comprehensive and attentive care.

Let's face it, thinking about how to keep the flow of conversation going with a carrier can be anxiety-provoking. This is especially true since therapy patients typically come in under stress and are not typically forthcoming about their personal lives with a total stranger — unless they press record to dump it all on the first phone call.

attending a new doctor for the first time and filling out stacks of paperwork in the waiting room is never the most enjoyable part of a visit. We found the process daunting. But what if an application could automatically generate digital intake documentation for a healthcare professional so the info they need is always on hand?

These are the pain points the StackBear business model is trying to solve by using an Artificial Intelligentsia (AI) backed algorithm that automated procedure to intake documents. The company uses an interactive web tool to streamline this common pain point—and they’re one of many that make visiting the doctor a little more user-friendly.

"The application produces custom patient intake forms for healthcare professionals seeking a convenient way to store, classify, or exchange health information," a brand representative tells NL.

Speed of capturing data with a potential patient is key when in private practice.

StackBear’s software

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