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AI-powered tool to generate professional clinical case notes for therapists.

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About Therapy Case Note Generator

Therapy Case Note Generator is a AI-powered tool designed to make generating clinical case notes fast and easy. Slick integration and superior performance makes Therapy Case Note Generator an excellent choice for completing clinical case notes.

Unlike Evernote and UpNote, Therapy Case Note Generator is built specifically for clinical case notes, so that templates and prompts necessary for the task at hand are available from the start; no research or adaption necessary.

The easiest way to create a clinical case note

The one thing we love most therapy case note generator is how easy it is to create a clinical case note. Seriously, the entire process is complete in a matter of seconds.

Below, we'll show you how to leverage Therapy Case Note Generator to collect simple clinical data from each therapeutic session.

From your therapy case note generator dashboard click on 'Start Generator'. In the next screen you'll be prompted to create a case to document your session details.

For example, you can fill in key information like the problem, diagnosis, goal, and treatment plan, making sure to save each after you complete.

When you navigate back to the dashboard, you'll see in all your previous sessions' data have been alphabetically filed being able to click on each and view or make changes when necessary.

That's it!

Therapy Case Note Generator saves the information you input in real-time so you never have to worry about losing any precious data during or after a session.

Easy access to everything you need to complete your clinical case note

Therapy Case Note Generator is a web-based tool, available on both desktop and mobile devices. You don't need anything beyond your computer and an internet connection to use it, which makes it super accessible.

I'll tell you a secret.

Even though a lot of applications will tell you that they're mobile-friendly, I find that their mobile versions are often lacking compared to the desktop experience. This is not the case for oftherapy case note generator. Their mobile tool is just as great.

I've tried giving this tool a run for its money and couldn't come up with a single example of content I might create at my computer that wouldn't be easy to create from my phone

Manage your case load with tools tailored for every point of care

Everywhere you look in Therapy Case Note Generator there are templates and prompts that are there to help you complete clinical case notes at each point of patient care.

When managing your clinical case load you can get the information you need to complete examples while on the go.

This will improve the speed in which you can enter and update the timeline for documentation.

Moreover, Therapy Case Note Generator also integrates with popular patient record software. Patients can quickly forward you their completed assessments for entering from your iPad or only complete them and have them directly entered into the chart this saves time for both of you.

This is especially helpful for offices with deskless professionals or professionals who often work from remote locations.

Easily add audio, video, and screen recordings to your notes

The addition to Therapy Case Note Generator in 2020 of audio, video, and screen recordings means that, from one tool, you become equipped with a robust array of multimedia content options that are available to add to your clients' clinical case notes.

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Starting a new clinical case.

end of trialAbility to manually save templates ensures you're never frustrated

When I first started using Therapy Case Note Generator, I was worried that if I lost power, I'd lose all completed work. Even though you may not have to worry about hours-worth of work disappearing into the digital ether (it saves as you go), it might still be disappointing to have to start all of your clinical case notes from scratch again.

What I like about Therapy Case Note Generatore is that you can manually save your work whenever you want.

Listen, I'm active in social media for a reason: I have a tendency to abandon everything else for the warm-loving embrace of shiny objects. That leads to more half-finished content than I'd care to admit.

I'm not worried about half-finished content in Therapy Case Note Generatore being lost, because when I'm hit with inspiration for something (even it's just a blog post), I can simply save my work and return when it is most convenient for me.

Compatible with intelligent tools

You could chalk up another point in the Therapy Case Note Generator win column for their wise choice of applications with which to integrate.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace sync automatically withI wish I could remember all of the stuff I learned in college.

But let's face it, if there's one thing that a university education (and its $100k price tag) has taught us, it is to pay others to do stuff for us. From folding our laundry to creating our clinical case notes — it's all fair game.

You won't have to worry about learning the entirety of the

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