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About Parent Education Material Generator

Does your organization struggle to afford the resources needed to create proven parent education materials? Are you looking for a fast, easy, and creative way to generate parent education materials? With parent education materials created by Stackbear's Parent Education Material Generator, your team can offer parents the consistent support needed to help all children grow and reach their highest potential.

Plan, create, and share research-based parent education materials with customizable templates, tools, and resources. Use a selection of hassle-free technology integration techniques to empower families with your latest materials and progress updates merged seamlessly into your LMS, website, or a direct distribution channel using QR codes.

Focus on the meaningful work of reaching families in your community with practical parent education materials and workshops, adventures, trivia, surveys, and more—all at your fingertips.

If you're using Office 365, leverage existing tools—including Microsoft Educator Center and Flipgrid—to seamlessly integrate research-based parent education materials and enhance new & existing resources with all the features found in the Parent Education Material Generator. Use these tools while continuously adapting to your classroom and your own students' needs.

To get started, talk to a member of the Stackbear team to discuss your educational technology (edtech) and licensing requirements, and for an active Parent Education Material Generator subscription, read Are you using Parent Education Material Generator? to get started.

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