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Paralegals are responsible for a variety of tasks to support lawyers and legal teams including conducting research, drafting legal documents, and corresponding with clients. Some paralegals work for law firms while others work for corporate legal departments or government agencies. No matter your location or industry, effective written communication is crucial to your success as a paralegal which is why we developed Paralegal Writer.

Paralegal Writer is the must-have Microsoft Word add-in and Chrome extension to generate error-free legal letters with as little or as much customization as needed.

Whether you’re a recent law grad or a seasoned pro, Paralegal Writer can help make your job a little bit easier. You simply pick one of the 100+ letter templates or something more specific like opposing counsel letters or settlement demand letters. Then enter some information like your email, matter number, and name, and we’ll pre-populate that and any other details for you so you don’t have to do any copy and pasting.

The premium letter templates for business cover a wide range of cases like:

Cover letters for every situation, including:

Cover letters for applications and job offers

Adoption recommendations

Reference letters

Complaint letters

Other business-related correspondence

There are a number of unique considerations and favours to business writing that may make you want to see our business writing guide. However, here are some extras to think about:

Whether you’re accepting electronic payments and need to create a professional email receipt with a few clicks.

Whether you want to stir up excitement for a new product with a fun (and flaw-free!) marketing campaign, or simply correct the typos in your to-do lists, Paralegal Writer will become your most-used business writing assistant.

And, as an added bonus, Paralegal Writer offers a safe, clean, and advert-free experience- your writing assistant should help you work more effectively, not nudge you into buying more stuff.

In a time when communication is often reduced to 240 characters, Paralegal Writer is helping to democratize the writing process so that any professional can produce high-level work.


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Flora Dallas, freelance writer, marketer, and yoga teacher, writes about paralegal topics for professional services.

In many professions, you’ll find that the same repetitive communication keeps coming up and legal work is no exception. Whether you’re reaching out to new clients interested in your legal consulting services or preparing documents to respond to summons from opposing counsel, paralegals have their hands full of writing- sometimes, on top of everything else.

Those repetitive, work-a-day writing tasks needn’t be a scourge. Many professionals are embracing AI-powered writing tools to improve their efficiency. But with such an intimidating-sounding field like AI, it can be easy to feel like you’ve missed something critically important about the technology.

The truth is that you probably haven’t missed anything too important. AI writing tools, such as Paralegal Writer, are usually quite simple to pick up and don’t require you to be an AI expert- but what they do, they do incredibly well. Using artificial intelligence, these writing tools can help paralegals save time, catch mistakes, brush up on their grammar and spelling, generate more complete thoughts, or simply provide some inspiration to get the creative writing juices flowing.

We’ll go over many of these core features and explain them in easy-to-understand terms so that no one is left behind. And who knows- maybe by the end of it, you’ll find a tool or two that you might even try!

First, let’s get down to the basics. You can think of AI-powered writing tools simply like a tool. They learn about the writing style and specific cases of a paralegal. Then, they try to replicate it. Usually, that means rewriting text in a similar tone, fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, or just coming up with general ideas.

If that sounds a bit vague to you, it’s probably because it is! AI tools can take on many different roles, depending on the specific tool you’re using. We’ll cover more of what’s possible later, but for now- it might be a good idea to get a bit more specific about what it is that AI-powered tools can do for paralegals.

In other words, what are you using these tools for?

Well, the fact is that the sky is the limit. These writing tools can be used in just about any professional context, helping to make the background legwork easier for just about any task a paralegal encounters in their day-to-day.

Here are a few examples:

So ultimately, if you’re

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