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At Stackbear, we understand that the world has changed since Covid-19 started. The pandemic has catalyzed the rise of “No-Code”, made remote work (& learning) the norm, and redefined the idea of an employee. We’re on a path to redefine buying & using niche software. We believe the Next 30M users won’t buy software that requires training and needs maintenance.

Boomer-ed Tech Incumbents are not building for this user. Over the last 5 years, the marketing website builder space got crowded & loaded with bloat. We built this product to do less, and do it better. (For now).

The Next 5–10 years are going to be big on brand. To benifit from that you need a marketing organization. With Stackbear & cloud tools, you can do what sustainiac are testing + learn with ua. Don’t wait to build the big thing to start building a brand.The Problem

Stable & proven software is inherently hard to disrupt. WordPress was built on PHP 20 years ago and is now 40% of the internet. We don’t live in a perfect world. The gap between what exists and what NEEDS to exist is responsbile for the rise of No-Code.

It is 2022 and implementing basic SEO on a WordPress blog is painful. Google Analytics fell behind Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap back when was SLEEPING and now we can’t trust them with their status page.

Not only does Stackbear disable moaters, but it also lets you build on things that have been proven and will be stable.

Illustration: A dream feature — Google Analytics could ADD Tracking…

Another Problem: No Demand

The competition in the buyer side of niche software is so high that demand becomes very hard to culture. Given a plugg/tool & $5k – most people will buy it. In this way, going direct-to-user for software is actually viable. While with a piece of software like our PublishStack — we find that even users don't have an appetite for a $10/m bundle that lets them build the same website as our paid product. The demand is so low we don’t even break even on CAC.

Existing Minted Garden

PublishStack's Pricing

We’ve priced based on the closest Noun (Main Indentity of a company). This is something I wish Readymag did better. Brandstack is not the NEW way to build websites, it is A way. So we’ve priced around the “the other ways”.Another Problem: The Matter of Phone

Mobile Web & App Development is top 3 in the developer ecosystem but the engagement on the actual devices is awful. 94% of people will delete a mobile tool immediately. A mobile tool with 1K downloads makes 1 sobering thing:
Another Problem: The Wright Brothers

Orville & Wilbur invented the airplane while wearing suits. New domains are very rare. Most are combo domains. Human & User. Maintenance & Marketing. Webflow and the Rise of “Visual Development” has substantially decreased the need to code but the space is still very nascent. Illustration: There's Magic Inside CloroxXML sitemaps, hover increments, and logic blocks are all part of this “Hybrid Development” that a developer-studded marketing team will increasingly rely on for the shiny-fresh digital touchstack. Hybrids are born because even if you’re staring at the LaunchBar of React Studio or Bubble (or ANT for that matter) your need to "Build A Marketing Website" easily defeats wanting 6–7 hours of fun with a piece of software that only lets you do "visual integration" to get 3XL t-shirts made after that. (Hybrid Developer sounds & looks like Developer., with Head of Workflow up next…)The Solution: Stackbear

You can read it here. I shared about Glyphi Headquarters on Twitter 15 days into this comeback journey. I’m *@jr here, but I’m also other people on Twitter 489, 1994 were here. Every push I made today from 6 different apps happened just after these screenshots w

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