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About Nutrition Myths Debunker

Are you looking for a reliable source of nutrition myth busting posts to share on your social media page? StackBear’s Nutrition Myths Debunker takes the stress out of creating them by delivering them right to your inbox each month.

Whether you own a health blog, run a social media page in the wellness industry or work as a nutritionist, these articles are bound to provide value and resources that your readers will appreciate.

Benefits of sharing articles with your community
For this app's description, I would place a bit more emphasis on the benefits of article creation/curated content, rather than the mere act alone or that this a business help us (while that is important to mention, it is a unique tool for this niche). The myth-busting component could use more detail and I can provide examples for you next week, if interested.

How to Use the Nutrition Myths Debunker
Getting started with a content marketing tool is typically as exciting as debating whether to begin a diet or use to a gym membership.

However, the Nutrition Myths Debunker brings a unique value proposition to the table; not only is it free to use but you won’t have to log in with your email address–we don’t even offer that option.

What is the point of a free and no-login required app? We want to make our resources as accessible as possible for our audience. Our team of developers worked tirelessly to develop the app's beta version, and while it offers the standard three tools that all StackBear resources offer, there is no "set it and forget it feature."

Instead, our contributors will have to screenshot the resources and save them on their computer and/or documents.

Each month we also share a PDF summary of all the articles of the month. This allows you to not only batch your myth busting posts - crucial for automation and repurposing - but it also allows you to easily search for an article.

Researcher Amanda Bergman had always had the best of intentions; when she started practicing yoga, she documented each class from her memory after she left the studio and knew that when it came to her group fitness and nutrition data entry jobs that she would have to keep everything color-coded for her own clarity.

These measures, however, were not enough to prevent a miscommunication with one of her nutrition clients - the exercise part became even more necessary when Forbes and Pulse Corporate employee, Diane David, shared separate anecdote articles on how a miscommunication at the hospital led to her weight loss.

We therefore set out to improve the biggest issues health workers face with outpatient health data entry: data entry errors due to misinformation and burnout.

Data entry errors & Adherence calculations
We consulted Certified Diabetes Prevention Analyst Erik Toriola to find out what is at stake when it comes to nutrition from the delivery room to restaurants: "Errors in nutrition data entry can range anywhere from simple math errors for a nutrition counseling session to wrong adherence calculations for a group nutrition class...

Sometimes when I have had a long day especially if I have a ton of appointment notes to transcribe I have to go off memory; occasionally I have to ask a patient to repeat the week's measurements if something did not look right, there is little forgiveness for errors when it's an entire class though so I try to use other nutrition software to for check ins with groups.

StackBear's Nutrition Myths Debunker offers a chat icon at the bottom right corner of the home and for many researchers who have tried the app, the first word that comes to mind is how responsive the customer service team is.

Some of the messages a were one-word questions, like "what sources do you use?" and other inquiries were about tools to solve a general nursing nightmare: "How come my nutrition counseling for pain management covers 8 drugs and 6 different long-term chronic conditions?"

Want to see how tools could help in the future or want more information about the product? Schedule a demo call with the product's main developer Amanda Mlodzinski no matter if you are health worker or from a diabetic org.

Final thoughts
StackBear’s Nutrition Myths Debunker is an excellent resource tool for health care professionals and patient-facing health tech companies. Nutritional information can be hard to understand and misinformation can be harmful. This tool provides accurate, science-based articles that can help health professionals debunk the most common nutrition myths.

As a nutritionist, one of the most frustrating parts of my job is debunking nutrition myths. There is so much information out there that it is hard to distinguish the truth from the lies. Clients often come to me with misinformation that they have found on social media or the internet, and it is my responsibility as a nutritionist to correct this information and educate my clients on what is true and what is false.

The Nutrition Myths Debunker makes it much easier for me to do this. I simply enter the nutrition myth that I want to debunk, and the tool generates an accurate, science-based article that provides the correct information.

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