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About Nursing Lifestyle Recommender

If you’re a nurse, you’re probably used to doing a little bit of everything—providing care, answering questions, and helping patients make better lifestyle choices. But sometimes, you need an extra boost in the guidance department.

That’s why many nurses turn to STACKBEAR’s Nursing Lifestyle Recommender (NLR), a no-cost digital tool that combines AI and nursing expertise to generate tailored, real-time recommendations for over two dozen lifestyle change scenarios—or “nudges.”

StackBear is a nursing reference tool used by at least 10,000 people per month to study for nursing exams or reference for their nursing career.

Whether staying active or choosing the right foods for their conditions, these nudges make it easier for patients to follow through with healthy, long-lasting behaviors.

Let’s dive deeper into what NLR can do and how it can benefit nurses and the patients they care for.

First, What is an NCLC?

We define an NCLC as a digital tool powered by a combination of clinical expertise and data-driven insights that generates actionable lifestyle recommendations (“nudges”) to help patients make healthier choices and sustain long-lasting behaviors.

Here are a few characteristics of an NCLC:

How Did We Create NLR?

We went to the nursing community to ensure NLR aligns with their needs. In fall 2021, we surveyed around 400 nurses to understand:

Our research partner, Big Red Rooster, analyzed these insights to form UX patterns, a foundation for NLR.

Many participants mentioned AI as a way to generate tailormade nudges. To learn how to apply AI in this context, we interviewed nursing AI experts.

Three months later, we fine-tuned the concept with five nurses and later with 30 nurses to get feedback directly on the tool experience.

We released the NLR MVP in nine months thanks to the collaboration of 10+ stakeholders and a dedicated tool development team.

How Does Nursing Lifestyle Recommender Work?

NLR combines AI with the four core components of nursing advice to generate tailored nudges that help people sustain healthier lifestyle changes. Here’s a sneak peak of a nudge:

Let’s explore each of these four categories:

Health Conditions

The tool uses stratified sampling to generate nudges for 20+ health conditions (e.g., bone health, gestational diabetes, social isolation).

The tool also considers:

How to use the app'>

Using our NCLC: 5 Steps for Nurses

Step 1: Perform an Initial Patient Assessment

You need information to create an NLR profile for your patient. Big Red Rooster’s design research team outlined a 4-step process for this:

It can take up to 15 minutes, with additional startup time for new users.

For demo purposes, we’ve entered hypothetical data. Any medical-related data is not actual and is for demo purposes only.

My First User Report

Before you see the nudges, you’ll need to perform the Initial Patient Assessment. This process takes more or less information depending on input but typically takes around 5 minutes. This is the first one Nicola does.

Here’s what this initial user report looks like.

Step 2: Review the Nudges

Based on the quiz I just took as “Nicola,” here are the NLR suggestions for this hypothetical person.

To see a complete nudge and its details, select a suggestion or use the box in the top-right corner to search by health condition (e.g., PCOS, grief, falls).

Step 3: Tailor the Recommendations

You have complete editing control over each nudge and can modify based on clinical judgement. This tailoring reduces clinical workload as your clinical perspective adds valuable nuance to help the patient succeed.

Ngrams will also flag any concerns. As a nurse, you can reference these guidelines to ensure best practices and make policies that help patients thrive.

May Ly, a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who specializes in geriatric medicine and works in telemedicine, values NLR’s ease of tailoring recommendations. Related: The Telemedicine Crash Course: What Nurses Need to Know [Infographic] (source)

Step 4: Review the Newly Generated Nudges

Nurses value big picture care, such as health promotion.

For example, Susan Little actively tries to fill any nutrition-related knowledge gaps for the sake of her patients. Using NLR’s generated nudges across all health conditions can help address patient outcomes and, as a result, improve nurse job satisfaction and retention.

Step 5: Deliver the Nudges to the Patient

You can download the recommendations as a PDF to save on your device, print and hand to them, or email a digital copy. STACKBEAR values privacy and adheres to best practices for this.

You can also send a customizable email for patients using the app, which includes a greeting, reason for the email, signature, and closing.

NLR In Action: Key Features and Benefits

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