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Introducing Music Venue Promo Writer — The Only Music Venue Promotion Kit You'll Ever Need

Stackbear is an AI tool for musicians and labels of all stripes to publish their biography, record release press releases, sponsor pitches and video film synopses. Our AI has got your back in private label/whitelabel press release kit and let's you find the perfect artist bio writer in your town, while extending the functionality of Spotify canvas as an embedded framing tool

And that interview with B Twitched makes clear that our open address server has solved Spotify bio producer's perennial "missing metadata" issue

All of that seemingly prosaic stuff is happening with the natural language and video film synopses generation AI but we are not lmted by proprietary releases, we do public facing projects as Seafoam Studio and have 10M likes on a TikTok video to show for it. # Proof of Concept (I think...)

I am on a left-of-centre jazz band and interested in using AI to make AI driven promotional materials. My hypothesis is that AI is good for minor aesthetic decisions but there was something that I could micro manage and make sound quite homogenous.

I sent a selection of outstanding AI services, but all of my test sample wanted a service that features lot of different media types (reviewers) sounded fuzzy (artists) had bespoke human engagements without a demo of actual output

With reference to: Boneyard and The Gossamer Albatross were two great albatross referencing high street restaurants of the 1980s. Our favourites because you can see the "teeth" of representatives of the great British public painted on Architetcure planning committees stopping a taxidermy albatross sculpture outside their house. A national sleepwalking epidemic causes tbe third member of the band and their manager from every getting to the eponymous music venue in the will that finances the rehair of their double bass that an albatross stole.

So we came up with two new proposals. The first leverages the world's largest library of ready-made promotional assets for musicians available right now. For prices starting at $10, our AI powered writing and design tools enable anyone to generate professional music and band press kits, music sales materials, band sponsorship pitches, and video synopses. Each creativity kit includes everything a musician or band needs to make a great first impression on talent agents, journalists, A&R reps, and other industry gatekeepers:

Number of Imagery Templates: 350+

[Slideshow tour of video interface with captions]

Add promotional materials like headshots, videos, press clippings/stories,
mini reels... to your bio. Screenshot: Music Venue Promo Writer

I love that I can instantly preview all the different asset types available, even before I click Add Media. And speak of clicking, I love how quick it is to switch seamlessly between asset types, just like using a GUI WYSIWYG webpage builder or any other easy-to-use digital creation platform.

Together, these first two features of Music Venue Promo Writer enable you to create and design a promotional video for your act within just a few clicks of your mouse, choosing from hundreds of ready-made templates and millions of media assets. There is no faster, easier, or more efficient way to set up a basic creative "blueprint" for your promo video.

So what did you think about Music Voucher, pour​ joie? Spare no details

As a side project, I work out of Redd Inc, the production studio behind the new horror movie Clowns: The Ultimate Office Party. Our team of professional UI and UX designers is immersed in creating the world's best tools for rapid and easy responsive website prototyping using Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) strategies.

Maximum internet points to anyone in the comments who also rallied at Whoville against the release​ of Ronald The Clown the (not-at-all-real) "Can't Sleep" sleep aid.

How I Became a Vocalist: Top 10 Fast Learning Methods


— Sarah Bohannon (@sarahdoo27) May 23, 2022

[INFOGRAPHIC Here is what Music Venue Promo is]

To provide you with peak convenience, you also have the ability to search for and choose from millions of royalty-free images, videos, and music tracks right within the Music Venue Promo Writer tool (at no additional charge). That means you don't have to waste time opening up a new tab, leaving the app, and searching for creative assets online, which can disrupt your flow and slow down the process.

Set it view so you can generate your next promo in half the time. This super handy tool also loads FASTER than similar promo apps, thanks to our automated make-things-go-smooth-and-snappy AI technology, so you can get in, get out, and get back to your music or other creative work without annoying drain-my-life-away lag

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