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Generate a detailed and compelling catalog description for books.

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About Librarian Catalog Description

As a Librarian, one of the most important parts of your job is to create compelling and detailed catalog descriptions for each book that you put on your shelves. These descriptions help readers - who may be looking to find and read a book for fun or complete their homework or job - discover if the book that interests them will be a good fit.

Yet, creating catalog descriptions is often easier said than done, particularly when you‘re writing so many descriptions or writing them consistently. Out of time or ideas (or simply wanting to offload the work to professionals), you may have even turned to services (such as Upwork, which matches money with the right freelancer for your job) for help — only to be hit by astronomical costs, long waiting times for final feedback or a 50/50 chance of getting a result you‘re happy with.

That's why we created Librarian Catalog Description, an Ai-powered tool designed to help you curate your own book catalog descriptions. The tool scans books and turns the data it processes into detailed and compelling book descriptions.

No more high costs for using freelance services! With Librarian Catalog Description, save money by creating your own reliable book catalog descriptions.

Intrigued? Let’s dive into it.

Do you want a f-r-e-e demo? If you‘re already into using our products, use our demo scenario survey and get a free customized product demo in 4 days or less!

Make catalog description-writing as easy as answering a few questions

Using Librarian Catalog Description is a super simple process. Just scan your book using the app’s scanner and let our AI-guided software do the rest. It will scan your book into the system and send you a draft catalog description of your book within minutes—which you can then edit and approve if you choose.

The app’s AI then writes each description for you, promptly.

We are excited to share the stage with the other 5 businesses that won the Catalyst Program grant. If you’re a loyal Lionbridge customer, we‘re confident you'll find value in Librarian Catalog Description as well.

Need help crafting the perfect marketing message for your book? Write book descriptions that sell with Ai

To help you craft the perfect message for your book, Inspirica (a book description service) scans each book and does two things:

Then, the software generates the perfect message for each book.

You can curate beautiful and compelling catalog descriptions in minutes!

Like a robot with unmatched writing skills, Librarian Catalog Description knows how to write an authentic and engaging catalog description for your book(s) for audiences to know what your book is about.

Our copy has experience working with all genres of books, so you know you're getting the very best.

Whether you have a fiction or non-conception book, our writing services will help you craft the perfect catalog description, from start to finish.

Simple process.

Run a simulated demo for an Ai-generated catalog description

Scanning a Book is as Easy as Holding the Camera Steady

1. Open the tool and tap the 'Scan' button.

2. Next, focus the device’s camera on the book cover.

3. Once the camera detects the book cover, the tool will automatically scan and convert catalog data into a read-to-edit description.

4. Finish the automation process by clicking on the 'Create Description' button.

5. Done - you’ll be able to preview and share the generated description.

More accurate than human writers.

When you run a demo, you get a result that is equivalent to the final result, except that it has a ‘DEMO’ watermark and is about 25% shorter since it's a sample.

Invest in a subscription plan.

Easy to use (new image + intro video w/audio)

Take a look at our new commercial featuring a happy customer. See what all the buzz is about!

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