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An AI-powered tool for generating inter-library loan requests.

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About Inter-Library Loan Request Generator

As a librarian, you understand the value of inter-library loans. This powerful tool allows you to access resources from other libraries and provide your patrons with a wide range of materials they can use for research or personal interest. However, creating an inter-library loan request can be time-consuming and tedious.

Not anymore!

With the Inter-Library Loan Request Generator, you can quickly and efficiently generate a professional-quality inter-library loan request in a matter of minutes.


Stackbear's Inter-Library Loan Request Generator is a user-friendly AI-powered tool that helps librarians like you create inter-library loan requests with ease. Thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms, you can trust that the generated requests will be of professional quality, while also saving hours of time that would normally go into creating them.


1. Pre-Filled Information

With the Inter-Library Loan Request Generator, the days of spending time re-typing the same information over are over. This innovative tool is pre-filled with your library's information, so all you have to do is input the necessary details and press "Generate."

2. Customizable Templates

No two library systems are the same, and neither should be your inter-library loan requests. With the Inter-Library Loan Request Generator, you can customize generated requests to fit the needs and aesthetic of your library. Now you can spend your time on other important tasks instead of fiddling with formatting.

3. Request Tracking

The Inter-Library Loan Request Generator also makes it easy to keep track of your requests in the loan process. With a handy tracking feature, you can see at a glance where each inter-library loan request is and know when you need to follow up with colleagues or patrons.


Effectively communicating your loan requests to another library is key to getting the right resources. However, creating a professional quality inter-library loan request can take up a lot of time and require you to have access to cutting edge design tools and software. Here are a few reasons why librarians and their staff love using this generator for their requests.

1. Decreases Turnaround Time

With most librarians already juggling many tasks, shuffling through reference questions, and handling patrons' needs, it can be tough to take time away from all these obligations to craft an inter-library loan request. Our generator is designed to complete your request through quick and easy steps. With pre-filled information, you only need to add the needed details and click the "Generate" button. You can complete this action within minutes, saving you hours of your time.

2. Increase in Quantity and Quality

As beautiful as your library's offerings may be, and as talented as you and your staff may be at crafting them into reports, blogs, events, etc—many users may still desire information that you don't have on hand. Rather than bemoaning the fact that you do not have what they need, or that you have what they need but they can't get to it, it's time to start partnering with other libraries. This allows you to build a broader network of available resources and increase usage numbers, which its turn sustains library funding longer.

3. Professional Quality Inter-Library Loan Requests On Demand

Our generator produces professional quality inter-library loan requests on demand. Its output mimics a human hand in its neat printing. Moreover, it gives you the option to download your requests in either .JPEG or .PDF format. Copy me when your requests are ready—I'd love to see them!


The Inter-Library Loan Request Generator is designed to be a user-friendly tool that takes the hard work off your shoulders, generates professional quality inter-library loan requests, within seconds.

Simply follow these five easy steps to create a high-quality inter-library loan request:

1. Enter Specifics of the Borrower's Information

i. Start by selecting your library from the dropdown menu.

ii. Fill in your name and position within the library.

iii. Indicate your library's street address, city, state, and zip code.

iv. Enter your email address and phone number.

2. Include Important Information about the Loan

i. Indicate the date you are creating the loan request.

ii. Write the name of the library you are borrowing from.

iii. Provide the name of the contact person at the lending library.

iv. Enter the email address of the referring library's contact person.

v. Add the date on or before which the materials would be needed.

vi. Enter the Aliaister Code, if applicable.

3. Enter Specifics of Your Patron

It's in our nature to ask of others only what is necessary to reach our intended goal. In the loan request space, 'asking for only what is necessary,' means asking for the right work, the right

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