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About HigherEd Article Generator

In the world of academia, it is a necessity to publish research articles. Especially in the professional category of Higher Education, you need a website that offers a completely specialized tool that can help you write them as fast as it takes to make the bed!

Article Writing in HigherEd 101

The good news is that TallOrder has an ultra-savvy, new AI-Powered Assistant for just that purpose. It is called, yes, you guessed it: The HigherEd Article Generator. This short and sweet tool is only one screen: the one on which you can input up to 1000 words of content in a text box (not the perfect place to ideally enter article ideas but you can cut and paste even from an academic paper by highlighting in a linear, paragraph direction).

Next, if you’d like, add a few phrases for the AI dictionary to consider (it accepts as many as you would like). Then, in seconds, the AI Assistant will produce an original article based on your directions.

While the interface is clean and simple, what you see is the depth of what you get. Not only does the AI wizard produce a fully-crafted article, but the output can also be produced as several multiple-choice questions and answers for use in quizzes — you can create an entire module in a second!

Designed for every professor, teacher, and student to quickly create as many learning materials as they need, Stackbear's HigherEd Article Generator can be a real time-saver. The question is, can it really replace the skill and craft of a dedicated instructional designer when it comes to a quality learning experience?

That's the crux of the matter. And while I'm a big user of this kind of tool for quick, small wins (quizzes and practice exam and test questions), I am also an instructional designer, so I'm well aware of the questions that are going to come up if I recommend it to a faculty member. 😉

Here are the main image-block stats on HigherEd Article Generator from the Stackbear.com page:

Main View/Use

How Stackbear's HigherEd Article Generator Works

First, let's start by stating that HigherEd Article Generator is very easy to use. There are plenty of fields in which you can customize your article, but it's possible to be up-and-running in very short order with just a short title.

Title Field on HigherEd Article Generate

We'll start from scratch though, including article title, optional abstract summary (up to 300 words), number of pages, and intended industry (no one needs to know you added that part!). You can also choose to create a higher education-related mashup (higher-ed article #13, here we come)!

Interestingly, though the form calls for "a minimum" of 500 words to go into the article itself, it won't let you generate text until you cross a 1000 word threshold. A little more on that in the "main view" section of the tweet-thread though.

Once you've filled out everything you want to, you can generate your article in seconds by hitting just that: the "Generate Article" button. From there, you can do with your article what you please: Download, one of the layout options listed to the right (ETA: is customizable), or a full-screen-version of the output. You can also share the output to social media (ETA: file too big for Twitter. Sorry!).

HigherEd Article Generator Options

The output is where it gets interesting: You can use the entire article as it is, of course, but the system has so many customization and/or creator-driven options that it warrants much more attention than that.

Ultimately, this particular tool is so robust in features, directionality and customizable layout, main view, data view, and output options that it could use a navigation guide of its own!

But let's not lose sight of the overall goal here: for this new Stackbear higher education-focused AI Creator to guide the development of an original research article or provide great customization, testing, and delivery options for faculty who already have a completed article, it must...

Why Use the HigherEd Article Generator?

Although it’s possible to spend as long as you like building your tool, the whole point of it is for it to be a rapid aid for completing articles. Fortunately, the tool has an average usage time of just 4 minutes, so you really can create your article as fast as it takes to make the bed!

There’s no need to worry about a lack of originality in your content, as the AI-powered tool can easily come up with unique text that is different from previously published work. Plus, it generates more content than you need, so you have plenty of material to work with when constructing your piece.

If you’re experienced with your research and want to save some time, the HigherEd Article Generator can be an invaluable resource. You’ll be able to get inspiration for your writing and take your work

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