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About Graphics Descriptor

Are you a graphic designer looking for new ways to describe your social media post graphics? The Graphics Descriptor by Stackbear reduces the time spent coming up with a description by using artificial intelligence to create engaging, eye-catching descriptions fueled by your specific details.

Social media post graphics can be a powerful marketing tool to send out information, highlight a new promotion, or just to give your followers a glimpse into the day-to-day life of your business. Additionally, these graphics are an excellent way for people to share information about their business, and the key factor here is engagement.

If you take the time to create something meaningful and engaging from Generation Z to those dipping their toes into the world of social media, it’ll be valuable to you, your business, and your brand. You’ve probably heard it all before; no one likes a grainy, off-center picture. You need high-quality, eye-catching visuals to grab and hold the attention of your audience.

The purpose of the Graphics Descriptor is to help reduce the time spent on creating social media post graphics, ultimately accomplishing your task faster and more efficiently. It’s a tool that takes care of one of the hardest parts of the job for you, providing you with a description that’s the perfect opposite of mundane, off-center, or grainy.

You’ll turn your work into a fully-fledged piece of art that invites your audience to stop scrolling and becomes a topic of conversation. Whether you’re posting a picture with a description of what your business does or a video that highlights a promotion, you’ll be able to connect with your customers and gain traction through your social media content marketing strategy.

From clickability to not relying solely on text to tell a story, there are numerous reasons to take a closer look at how your images, videos, or infographics impact your content marketing strategy. One of the best reasons being that social media post graphics is crucial for your brand-building. Survey data revealed that more than 65% of American consumers notice social media posts with visual content.

If those visual posts also feature your company logo or branding (as is often the case with content marketing), your audience is learning about who you are and what you offer without even knowing it. Then, when you do reach out with a special offer or promotion, it’s not a foreign concept; they’re already familiar with your brand.

Speaking of offers, they’re another aspect of your social media post graphics that you might use to engage your customers. Say you take a beautiful photo of a sunset, and your immediate thought is to share how much you’re enjoying the view and the quiet moment. You might add the perfect descriptive copy to your image, something like, “Perfect F summertime on the coast.

Enjoying a few quiet moments.” It’s beautiful; you’ve researched the best hashtags to use, but by including your company logo at the top, customers will see it on the first scroll of their page. The descriptive copy highlights a particular piece of your post graphic, but the branding makes up a close second.

Say instead that same photo of a sunset (don't you love a good sunset?) and picture one of your content marketing strategies for the month. It might be that you have a promotion starting soon in which your company is using Acme’s Widgets. Adding the descriptive copy isn’t difficult. In fact, “The perfect time of year to Acme’s Widgets.

Sign up for 20% all summer long with a new per-onboarding video seri…” The image you’ve taken is beyond eye-catching. It’s a fairly straightforward promotion that tells users to buy your widget for 20% off, but you lose some of your audience. By employing a tool like Graphics Descriptor, you can say goodbye to the task of crafting the perfect description.

First, they’re not facing the task of coming up with an effective description from scratch. Plus, who has the time to fiddle around with descriptions? There are so many tests to run and improve! Sure, a well-thought-out SEO strategy is key, and you’re going to want to post industry tips and other shareable content. But keep in mind that this is just a description. You don’t need to add anything extra to it.

You can enhance your graphic design or social media marketing strategy by either creating and uploading an image or taking a photo or video, punching in a few basic details, and clicking a few buttons. You don’t even need to create an account when signing up! How a Few Strategies to Drive Conversions with Social Media Post Graphics

Offer Social Media-Specific Deals and The Graphics Descriptor has all the tools you need to improve your brand presence online through social media post graphics — from comedic company videos to simple descriptions of your products.

Our Graphics Descriptor also offers a free version of the tool, so you’re able to try it out without any limitations before upgrading. Plus, if you enjoy the tool, you

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