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About Graphic Design Description Generator

When you’re tasked with designing a presentation—whether for a client, a colleague or for your own business or brand—you need the presentation's first impression to resonate with its target audience. But even after you’ve chosen the perfect images, animations, and slide designs, it can be frustratingly tricky to frame your presentation in a compelling, original way.

Enter Storyboost. For an easier way to describe your graphic design work using AI, you can say “Hey Storyboost, help me generate a detailed presentation design description.” Once the AI-generated draft pops up, you can add your own personal touch to make it even better.

Not sure where to start? With these tips, you’ll learn how to take your presentation design descriptions from good to great.

🕒 What to do first

Get to know the client

When you’re given the task of describing the graphic design elements of a conceptual presentation, take some time to learn about the client’s history and culture.

Consider the industry and audience

It’ll help if you know who the presentation is for, and whether they’ll be looking at the design on a computer or on a projector.

Look at the whole picture

Ponder the major points of the presentation to grasp why it’ll benefit the audience.

📈 Talk about the purpose

"The Museum Series—the first of three planned publications that will be complementary to the R&B Collection—functions as a catalogue for a museum exhibit. Visitors will be able to explore each record, listen to the original album that the R&B Collection was influenced by, and leave behind their own memories of the era. The exhibit will also go on tour, making a stop in different cities each month."

Starting off with the purpose makes it easier to understand what the document’s about.

Find good words

Use adjectives that evoke a positive response.

A boilerplate text may be a great way to describe a presentation design without putting a lot of thought into it. But when you use tools like Storyboost to make your job easier, you can generate a quick but effective description.

After all, busy professionals who are always scrambling for time may spell everyone’s favorite time-management tool “Calendy” by mistake. And as a designer or marketer, you wouldn’t want to get saddled with an on-the-fly project for a very confused florist.

Beyond the text, you can also benefit from AI-generated content like headlines, description, and product features that cater to each customer segment’s preferences. “But that sounds so difficult to do,” you may say. Not really. You can use CopyDoc, our AI writing and copy-editing tool, to add some customer-centric text to your website or tool within minutes.

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