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AI-powered generator designed to produce instructions for video graphics design.

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About Graphic Design Instructions Generator

The Graphic Design Dividers Generator by StackBear is the easiest way to generate identity and brand guidelines in just seconds.

‍Use the AI powered creative tool to organize your digital stuff & stay productive.Our mission is to be as creative & innovative as possible, and we are well aware of how valuable your time is. So we use the powers of machine learning to deliver an amazing design experience. StackBear aims to be the best creative tool you can use for those times you can't find the inspiration.

In addition to regularly adding new features and effects, we make it our goal to include and incorporate cutting edge technology and processes into our system which allow us to give you the best result possible.

‍Want to take a look at some of the projects generated from the team at StackBear? Then check out the projects below built by our team. Look at these projects, and you'll see how many possibilities you have to create with your brand.

StackBear is designed by-and-for creatives.

We are in production with the team at Lightberry and are using a ton of artificial intelligence techniques to make all the parts of a creative project with speed, quantity, quality, and detail.

We have two Creative Design tools, like superpowers, STACKBEAR BUILD and STACKBEAR SYSTEM are designed to make more complex tasks easier. With popular AI-powered creative tools, STACKBEAR PRO & STACKBEAR ASSET we make some complex tasks effortless.

‍StackBear PRO is built for creatives like you.

Our Creative platform features a wide array of robust and high quality AI writing tools. StackBear's tool is able to completely eliminate the need for a writing assistant. No more relying on your college professor's trusty red pen, the AI tutor is designed to automatically provide the proofreading you need to succeed.

‍How Can Creative Suite Benefit You?

With over 120 million users, Creative Suite is the industry-standard for creating high-quality, professional-quality visual content. Alone, that's an impressive stat. But how does it benefit you?  Users who take on Adobe Creative Cloud and CC services get a few extra perks, too - and by "a few," I mean, like, hundreds of perks.

One of the biggest benefits, of course, is the ability to complete tasks easily that would otherwise take hours.  For instance, you can whip out a beautiful logo in a matter of minutes, thanks to our handy-dandy logo-maker, or stretch out your stay-at-home-content creation hours a little longer by using Ai algorithms to optimize your smart phone screen with the ideal color temperature for image recognition.

As a Creative Cloud user, it's easy to see when you're eligible for your next tool download. Keep an eye on your subscription's expiration date & mark your calendar when it's time to renew (especially if it's soon). Ai think we're going to be good friends, you and I.

If you're planning on attending an upcoming event & offering your finished printed projects, you can get perks like rush shipping and USPS Priority Mail. When you're trying to meet a deadline for a huge class project or are working on something for your small business, the ability to expedite shipping can come in handy.

‍What Makes Wordsmith's Creative Suite Stand Out From The Rest?

Creative Suite is a great option for creatives. And with millions of users, it's not hard to see why. Here are just a few ways that our version stands apart from the competition:

Ebook Writing Service: Got a great idea for a novel or a game-changing business book? Let one of our professional ghostwriters help you bring it to life. Or, if you're looking for a less-in-depth edit of your existing manuscript, try our book editing services.

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Automatic Resume Builder: Let's be honest: Writing a resume can suck. But thanks to StackBear's content generator tool, it doesn't have to. Just add a few details about yourself - like your skills, your work experience, and your educational background - and let our resume builder write your resume for you.

Creative Writing Courses: If you want to improve your writing skills and become a better writer, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of online creative writing courses that can help you unlock your potential and turn yourself into a true wordsmith.

The Creative Industry Understood

At StackBear, we're constantly working to provide tools that go beyond helping you facilitate workflows and create impactful visual and written content. From user interface and experience design (UI/UX) to a community of professional content creators and creative resources, we understand the pain points in the creative industry — and we're here to help. Regardless of your creative field, you're sure to

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