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About Goals & Objectives Generator

Introducing our Goals & Objectives Generator – an AI-powered tool designed to help counselors produce a complete list of goals and objectives based on a client's unique needs, traits, and preferences.

Whether you're struggling to come up with goals and objectives from scratch or you’re looking for new ways to expand your toolbox, our revolutionary software will help to alleviate the pressure and save you an incredible amount of time. Find out more about this awesome resource and how it can help make your life easier below.

Why are Goals and Objectives Important in Therapy?

Creating goals and objectives is a pivotal aspect of therapy and counseling. This process enables you to think critically, outline how to achieve your goals, gauge success, and make headway.

For many, it’s difficult to know even where to start with devising goals and objectives. That’s where our Goals & Objectives Generator comes in handy. Here, you're able to fill in the pertinent client information, and the program will do the rest, generating goals and objectives that align with their situation.

Meet the Goals & Objectives Generator for Counseling

Rolling out an exciting update for our Belong Members, we're unveiling an exclusive counseling tech tool--the Goals & Objectives Generator!

The Goals & Objectives Generator is the newest feature from Stackbear, our parent company. Stackbear aims to use AI technology to positively implicate your life and that of those you serve with Counseling Tools, landing us in the world of counseling.

Goal and Objective Building 101 for Your Counseling Sessions

When a new client comes into therapy, the therapist uses the first few sessions to build a treatment plan together. Within that treatment plan, goals and objectives are created to help the client identify areas of desired growth and determine what success looks like. Goals describe the direction of the treatment while objectives are the small, attainable steps to reaching those goals.

Let’s say a teenager, Lily, comes into therapy to improve her anxiety symptoms.

After discussing Lily’s background, her therapist discovered she loves singing in the shower as it’s the only time she feels at ease without fear of judgement. One of Lily’s goals is to attend an open mic night at a local coffee shop. The therapist suggests a series of objectives to get Lily there, including finding local open mic nights to observe, writing a song to sing, practicing in the shower, and attending one with a friend.

How Our Smart Goals and Objectives Help You and Your Clients

Time-saving: Our Goals & Objectives Generator combs through 50+ goals and objectives that are easy to copy and paste into your treatment plan. Modify them as needed, and if you don’t like what’s provided, just refresh the page.

Accurate: These goals and objectives are well-researched and evidence-based, making it easy for you to find a confirmed goal your client can work toward and know the steps for them to attain it.

Aligned with Your Specialty: If you’re a TTM clinician, you need a different goal list than a somatic therapist. By selecting your modality, the generator filters the list for you.

Printable: Copying and pasting can be a hassle for some, which is why once you create the goal or objective, you can download it as a Word document.

To promote the recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we created a goal list addressing various life domains affected by DV: Assessing Safety, Building Support Systems, and Nourishing the Care Network.

Clients can identify goals they want to work on while you modify the objectives.

The hassle-free way to create sound and informative goals and objectives

Counselors understand the importance of creating sound and informative goals for their clients and building a treatment plan. However, developing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals and objectives can be time-consuming and involve guesswork.

Another challenge Counslers face is having to determine the goals and objectives that are relevant to their client at a specific point in their therapy journey. This might be challenging, particularly when they are just beginning therapy because they do not have a complete understanding of their client's situation or what they hope to achieve.

Benefits of the Goals and Objectives Generator

Accelerated and Enhanced Progress

No more wasted sessions fretting over producing solid objectives. Our generator eliminates countless hours of trial and error and provides a comprehensive list of goals and objectives tailor-fitted to your client's unique situation.


Gone are the days of scouring the internet for applicable goals and objectives. No more searching for disparate sites to get a working list. Our generator consolidates all you'd need into a single format—saving you time and allowing for an efficient session.


The tool can be used by therapists from any theoretical orientation. While all sometimes-brutally honest humans (we hope ethically sassy too) question romantic relationships, no

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