Graphic Design Illustration Project Proposal Generator

This tool generates illustration project proposals based on given inputs such as project name, client name and project brief.

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About Graphic Design Illustration Project Proposal Generator

In the creative industry, generating appealing project outlines that meets clients’ expectations can be an exhausting process. The process of drafting proposals from scratch can take a toll on art professionals, taking away time that could be used in projects’ actual execution. And this is why we made the project proposal generator. To save you time!

Guest what? You as a graphic artist or a professional artist don't need to stress over coming up with project proposals from scratch. The Stackbear Graphic Design Illustration Project Proposal Generator comes in handy for you to generate professional and quality project proposals you'll love to present to your clients.

Perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, and other creative professionals, this AI-based tool streamlines the proposal-generation process down to a few clicks. Whether you’re just starting in your career or run a design agency, it can help you craft compelling proposals for new projects.

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Save countless hours drafting project proposals completely from scratch (Who has time for that? Be honest)

Learn how to create a proposal that positions you as a sane, trustworthy partner to your clients

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So you can stop wondering if your project proposals suck.

All project proposals templates & software tools may look the same. But what awaits you when you unlock the world of Stackbear?

And most importantly… closing more client projects so you have the money (and time) to build the wellness-rich businesses you’ve wanted since you were little (and not-so-little)!

Dive into the features to explore all the possibilities

Effortlessly Generate Proposals

Starting a new design project is always exciting. However, the proposal drafting process can be time-consuming, especially when you’re swamped with client work.

Not anymore!

With Stackbear’s Illustration Project Proposal Generator, you can generate a new proposal that matches your client’s needs within seconds.

Here’s how the Illustration Project Proposal Generator works:

Step 1: Answer five simple questions about the illustration project (e.g., desired deadline, budget, design inspiration, etc.).

Step 2: Add a title and make customizations (e.g., font style, color scheme, etc.) to the cover page.

Step 3: Preview your proposal and make final adjustments.

Step 4: Download your professional-looking proposal in a few different formats (e.g., PPT, PDF, etc.).

Share your finished proposal with clients digitally or print it out to present it in person. Use the auto-fill feature to create new proposals quickly and hone your pitching skills. Spend more time designing instead of wrangling with template designs. The Graphic Design illustration Project Proposal Generator has a dizzying range of unique features.

Next-Generation Features That Grow Your Creative Business

High-quality professional proposals ready in just a few clicks.

Get started with minimal effort and build your creative empire. Say goodbye to generic, boring, outdated and time-consuming project briefs that eat into your creative time.

Effortlessly WOW your dream clients.

1. Avoid answering repetitive questions

Are you tired of repeating yourself when you take on new projects? With the Illustration Project Proposal Generator, you’re just five questions away from generating a high-quality project proposal.

It saves you time when onboarding new clients. It’s a new way to begin your successful projects. The tool does the thinking so you can start the project right away.

2. Add a professional touch to your proposals

Do you wonder why your proposal isn’t making the cut?

While your portfolio can speak for your skills, a high-quality proposal can help you land more clients. The Graphic Design illustration Project Proposal Generator comes with a range of customizable features such as:

Product or service selectionYou can select your offering from a range of templates (e.g., website design, creative video production, product packaging, content development, etc.). The AI adapts to your choices and generates a unique proposal that matches your niche. Machine learning technologyThe illusion of artHere’s looking at unicorns!Present your value succinctly and confidently to your clients with these tools, features & designEach proposal includes an eye-catching cover page, Table of Contents, About Us page, Case Studies, Pricing Details, Scope, Deliverability Timeline, and other sections. Use the built-in drag-and-drop editor, multimedia gallery, tables, graphs, charts, and brand color customization options to create custom proposals. Add your logo and branding elements to make your proposals look more professional.

Ready to start impressing your dream clients with your design prowess?

3. Unlock persuasive copy with live chat

No copywriting experience? No problem!

Crafting compelling, persuasive copy that engages potential clients can be a challenge, especially when your hands are full of design work (literally or metaphorically).

Stackbear’s Graphic Design Illustration Project Proposal Generator features built-in live chat functionality, so you can get instant feedback

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