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About Flight Information Update Builder

When your customers travel by plane, staying up-to-date with their flights’ status is a must. However, if you factor in a busy schedule, other responsibilities, or a high volume of customers, it’s challenging to provide flight updates in real time. It requires a ton of manpower and is prone to errors if not organized correctly. Moreover, a traditional flight update is text-only and doesn’t provide additional crucial details, such as the flight gate.

Introducing the Flight Information Update Builder — a free tool for generating detailed flight information updates. Gain the edge of more collaborative support, as our tool is powered by AI to help you finish tasks efficiently and maximize customer satisfaction.

Get flight updates with ease

Our Flight Information Update Builder automatically generates flight updates such as status changes, gate changes, delays, and more, reducing the effort required for each step of the process. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create your own consistent template according to your customer communication style.

Our tool leverages AI to improve the experience of keeping customers updated on the latest information about their flights. Our flight update builder can directly integrate with your systems and check for the following flight update information:

Our tool accommodates a host of customer messages with customizable messages. This update builder incorporates the information that travelers are typically interested in — including flight times, luggage, and fares. Our tool helps provide customers with useful information upfront, reducing the number of follow-up inquiries and increasing travel agencies’ efficiency in engaging with customers to drive more business. Additionally, this tool can be used with migrations to create updates at no extra cost.

The Flight Information Update Builder is hosted on the cloud, so web users can readily access it from anywhere. It does not have a data delay feature, so your colleagues or service team members can provide all customers with accurate and up-to-date information to help them stay informed. This update builder adapts to your unique brand essence, making customer communication even more seamless.

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