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About Fitness Case Study Generator

Writing case studies for fitness clients can be a significant challenge. Generating valuable and engaging content for a client's case study often demands time, creativity, and high-quality work. Fitness case study generators help in shortening the entire process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: serve your clients.

What is this app?

This tool is designed to offer comprehensive case studies for fitness clients. You can now create unique content for your website, newsletter, sales page, and more within a matter of minutes. You can generate custom case studies that cover the time your client spent with you, the goals they achieved, specific workouts, and more.

Who is this for?

Trainers can benefit significantly from this. Time is often the bottleneck in trainer's businesses to build the brand, launch a course, and scale operations. One solution included in membership is our fitness case study generator.

And if you're looking to scale your content marketing, the stack, and a host of other assets across various sports, the general membership option will be most helpful for you.

How does it work?

There's a convenient "generate" button you can hit, and the software will generate an entire case study for 1 client of yours. You can also try to generate an "entire stack," which is a full set of assets we currently offer.

Here's an example "stack" for a fictional client (the stack is cut off right after the diet section):

Highlighted paragraphs in crusher green represent fields that you can customize, and the bolded heading and bullet points are all also customizable options.

The case study certainly skips over a good amount of details that trainers might usually include in a full case study if they were bringing one of their top clients to be published in The next issue of a magazine, etc. On the other hand, it's quick, and you can change, tweak, or outright replace language on all fields within these generated case studies.

Let's dig into some examples!

Getting settled in Anda's case:

I actually went ahead and generated a stack for one of my clients, the aforementioned Anda. I generated these in the quality that we would display for clients on our own website when applicable (when the generated stack meets our quality bar), so you can see the actual presentation.

That's considered a full case study (and that's not even the longest you can generate, by a long shot, and in real life, I'd probably customize a bit less of the options -- In reality, when generating one of the following, removing text I didn't want to be displayed (this content) took like 5 seconds, for example.)

Headers can be clicked to display & hide the text. Here's another realistic use case:

Let's say you were going to (hypothetically) generate a case study stack for a training program winter 2023:

What makes this fitness case study generator different?

Here are some of the features that make fitness case studies different.


Your case studies will all be optimized for your branding and style. You can change a variety of elements, including colors, text, images, testimonials, and more, and use templates designed specifically for different industries.

Useful integrations

Fitness case studies are primarily a marketing tool, so having seamless integration between your cases and your CRM, WordPress, email, and other tools is incredibly important. Fitness Case Study Generator features a wide range of integrations that make it easy for you to use it with your existing tech stack.

Performance analytics

All the case studies you create track performance metrics in real-time, so you can see how they resonate with your audience. This data can help you optimize them for better performance and see what's working and what isn't.

Optimized for conversions

Fitness Case Study Generator includes features that will help you get more out of your case studies, capture more leads, and drive more sales. It allows you to add CTAs, lead capture forms, and other optimization tools directly to your case studies.

Full lifetime customer journey coverage

A customer's journey with your brand doesn't end when they've converted. You need to re-engage them with high-quality content and show them the value of your products and services to ensure that they stick around in the long run. Fitness's coverage of the whole customer journey helps with this.

Brandable domains

A brandable domain is a unique and memorable web address that uses your brand or company name as the main part of the URL, making it easier for people to find your case studies. Insurance Case Study Generator allows you to use custom or personalized domains to host your case studies.

Conclusion: Would you recommend fitness case study generator?

Yes. I've had difficulty finding historical data on the click-through rate of our in-app deliverables thus far. Still, I have to imagine this is the highest click-through rate ever recorded for an in-app deliverable, based on how many of our Pro members went to engage with some McNeil case studies today

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