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A post-workout AI-generated meal planner

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About FitMeal Planner

Your workouts are a great way to stay in shape. But how can you optimize post-workout nutrition? FitMeal Planner supplies ideas.

Working out might be tough, but so is deciding on the best meal to eat right after. You need access to healthy, affordable, quick-to-cook recipes with around 15 minutes’ worth of preparation. Your significant other has already showered. And it’s a miracle that the kids are—finally—quiet.

Regardless, FitMeal Planner can make the process easier.

With a custom meal plan put together by AI, you won’t have to guess about what types of nutrition can help accelerate your fitness goals. And if you’ve recently started workouts for the first time in a decade, FitMeal Planner is an excellent tool to make fitness-oriented dietary adjustments.

A smart app, FitMeal Planner adapts each plan to a user’s activity level, workout type, and any dietary preferences, including goals such as building muscle or losing fat.

To increase your protein intake, for example, the service will recommend complete meals. And with over 500 recipes, FitMeal Planner can suit your dietary needs, regardless of meat, dairy, or gluten preferences.

And if you’re currently indebted to your college roommate for teaching you to boil pasta, FitMeal Planner can provide help with that too. Widely accessible with tap-to-expand instructions that are always just a scroll away, creating and cooking the perfect post-workout meal can be a breeze.

During the months of workouts ahead, FitMeal Planner will also help with recovery, making sure that each new week is a step towards your greater health goals. The team has plans to roll out future improvements like a barcode scanner and other features.

Launched just this summer, FitMeal Planner has earned 1,000 monthly active users as of September. Generating revenue via tiered subscription plans, the three-person team hopes to pull in its first $2K in monthly recurring revenue when pricing goes live.

The team was thrilled to learn they were currently in the top 25 of NRF Foundation’s annual VISON competition, the nation’s largest collegiate competition. As the only all-DePaul team, they were excited to discover during pre-submission coursework that they were ahead on the complexity of the tech and customer feedback.

We have to admit, we were more than a little excited to start using FitMeal Planner.

AI, we’d love some plant-based snacks and suggestions.

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