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About Financial Analysis Report Writer

With the Stackbear Financial Analysis Report Writer, you can generate comprehensive financial analysis reports quickly and share them how and where you want. Whether you're working on an internal analysis, creating an annual report for shareholders or managers, or supporting client engagements, the Financial Analysis Report Writer will make your process more straightforward and more efficient.

Why choose the Stackbear Financial Analysis Report Writer?

At Stackbear, we know that your time is valuable. We also understand how complex and time-consuming financial report analysis can be. Our tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence to automate key tasks, so you can focus on analyzing the data and delivering actionable insights to stakeholders at your company or clients.

How it works

Your time investment begins and ends with three simple steps:

Go beyond Excel dashboards with written analyst reports

While high-level, interactive dashboards built in Excel or tools like Looker and Tableau are useful for providing KPIs at-a-glance, writing analysis reports is necessary to offer in-depth context and insights.

Our AI-powered analytics gives you the building blocks to write comprehensive custom financial analysis reports quickly and easily. Along with custom calculations and flex reporting, you can also write in-depth commentary based on the trends and insights you’ve derived from your analysis.

Choose your best-fit template

Give your analysis narrative structure and meaning by selecting a template. Our AI financial analysis report generator comes with more than 20 standardized report templates in common report formats, such as:

When you are working with a team on a written analysis and reporting project, the challenge is knowing who is responsible for which section, keeping the work aligned, ensuring consistent quality… all while meeting potentially tight deadlines.

When working in the Financial Analysis Report Writer, your team can collaborate smoothly with project management features:

Keep everyone aligned on their respective work by assigning specific templates, sections, and pages to different report contributors.

Unsure where to start? Get inspiration and productivity jump-starts from sample reports authored by industry analysts or provided by your company leadership.

Maximize operational efficiency: minimize the need to switch between IT & reporting apps

Our platform was built to improve the way your daily financial analysis and reporting activities are traditionally done: fragmented across many different applications. We help you combine your work streams and improve your productivity in just one analytics and reporting app.

Advanced financial analysis with AI automation

Our AI-assisted financial analysis reporting tool is a complete platform for generating insightful, real-time financial analysis reports. Tailored to your business, the solution enables faster time-to-insight, better collaboration, insights and reporting accuracy, and drive profitability, become more productive, and realize your financial goals.

Financial Statement Analysis

The Financial Analysis Report Writer helps you prepare financial analysis reports which provide an understanding of the company’s past performance and future growth potential. These reports are used for calculating the risks and opportunities associated with the investment and credit decision making.

Real-time data analysis Compare the latest performance data of multiple organizations. Analyze key financial ratios, trends, and benchmarks for sector analysis, investment selection, or loan origination in seconds.

Create financial reports Extract quantitative and qualitative insights about a company’s financial performance using report builders.

Risk assessment Analyze growth potential, investment risk, credit risk, and lending risk.

Credit analysis Financial analysis tools for studying a company’s creditworthiness.

Research competition Compare financial performance of publicly listed companies across various dimensions.

Bank lending risk analysis Financial analysis tools for banks to assess SME creditworthiness.

Easy to use Stop relying on Word and PowerPoint templates and stop the manual copy-paste.

No formula writing Quickly write finance formulas without the need to memorize or type them.

Central data management Combine data inputs, add manual annotations, or upload macros for reusable templates.

Data integrations Sponsored and white-label financial analytics portal for your enterprise customers.

Connected analytics Analyze financial performance instantly. Combine new data inputs without waiting for IT.

Excel export Export shared reports to Excel or PDF without worrying about data privacy and formatting issues.

Present with impact Combine your own analysis with those of fellow analysts.

Publish investor relations reports

Enhance Stakeholder Communications

The Financial Analysis Report Writer provides a robust set of analytical capabilities that can be leveraged by users to generate reports that clearly convey messages to end users. This section provides an overview of the key features that can be incorporated into reports and a summary of the main deliverables.

Reporting System Configuration

Getting Started

Once the System Administrator has configured reporting options, end users can generate all types of reports from a common interface. The Financial Analysis Report Writer will prompt users for the required information based on the options specified by the system administrator. This section describes how users can get started generating report.

Generate Reports

The Financial Analysis Report Writer enables you to quickly and easily view and print your reports. Reports can be customized to show the information you need and to comply with any of the various formats available. You can generate reports in HTML format so that you can easily view them online

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