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About Film Production Notes Generator

Are you a film director? Do you ever feel like your feverishly writing a myriad of pre production emails and documents and it feels as if you are in the Matrix? Just take a deep breath and use the Film Production Notes Generator by Stackbear, the creator of industry-leading productivity apps for filmmakers.

The main goal of the tool is to provide services to the film director working at an individual or larger studio level, by providing you with an initial draft of a pre-production or production document such that you can simply edit it - saving you essential time and money wasted on expensive pre production managers.

What can an automated App help with

The essence of the tool is to condense the free script notes document or pdf provided to filmmakers and automatically generate a brief with similar information.

It is not the intention the tool recreates an exact version of your already submitted script notes.

In many instances, this is a quarterly task for the new executive at an entertainment studio like Netflix, Warner Media, Apple, or Disney.

So leveraging helpful automation or artificial intelligence will undoubtably optimize your duty to produce comprehensive production notes for your next director of development.

One size fits all approach

Bright and early, open the tool no matter where you are sitting on the California sunshine, and choose from an option of three different places that will have three different needs based off where you are in the pre and production path.

Less time doing business, more time doing art

One of the reasons why Hollywood is not as profitable as it should be is because it is powered by many many players and not all of those players are relevant to the equation.

Why does your director of product need to contract that one role? What happens to the symphony analogy? A film is more than just a film, it is an event.

It needs an orchestra - and that means carefully curated positions.

Inspiration awaits you

The most successful people have a plethora of inspiration [and in high to loaded spirits] when they are going to be delivering something for the show.

But, of course, business can get in the way and you may not have the complete time to craft that one singular email.

Don’t let that stop you from making your marketing debut perfect - give it a perfectly singular touch.

A special occasion

There are certain tasks in one's career that are indeed special - for a variety of reasons.

You've launched the Ecommerce Business of your dreams, and you are so excited to have finally landed your dream job at a business that you trust and love - which makes for a beautiful start and line of sight.

Why not have a document that exemplifies that?

Even if it is a simple invitation.


In our world, you need a strategy for everything.

It's doable - and Stackbear understands bear the stack and download the tool to get the help that you need - and the most gold.

What separates this tool from all the others is that it is on a pathway of its own - providing various post and pre production waters to its users. - one tool for all their purposes.

For any suggestions or concerns, please send us an email at [email protected]

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