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An AI tool that generates compelling marketing copy for films.

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About Film Marketing Guru

Film Marketing Guru is an AI technology that fulfills a huge demand in the film and marketing industries. Specifically, it contributes to the art of filmmaking by making the marketing process more efficient and effective.

Using the tool is incredibly simple. All you do is input key details about the movie and...voila! You'll have eye-catching film marketing copy in seconds.


As a marketer, you're in a desperate situation. You're sitting in your office late at night with a cup of coffee as uninviting as a Boston winter...

Your boss approaches you with a task that is almost impossible to accomplish: Create marketing copy for an upcoming film.

You're stuck — all you have is the title of the film and its release date.

The film is called "Mystery at Marlow Mansion." It’s a 60s-inspired murder mystery movie that's being released around Halloween to capitalize on the spooktacular season.

The film is on a tight deadline: Now, less than two and a half weeks away.

"Hurry up, I need something to present to the CEO tomorrow," your boss says. The clock is ticking.

Where do you even begin?

The film is in a unique category. It blends the cinematic genres of a 60s thriller and a horror film.

As a marketer, you experience a splurge of thoughts simultaneously:

I don't know much about horror films. How can we reframe this to be more appealing to the audiences we're targeting for Halloween?

I have so much on my plate already. How will I handle this?

Will audiences perceive this as a quality film, especially since the plot is so far from traditional and current cinematic trends - it is 60s-inspired, a period piece, and a thriller, horror hybrid.

The Film Marketing Guru offers a solution to marketers like you who find themselves stuck in situations like this. It's a powerful tool that can help overcome this imposter syndrome, disputes about the right angle and blend of genres to market, and time constraints that lead to failed movie campaigns.

Marketing a movie is no ordinary task.

Creating an effective and exciting campaign is an art. Filmmakers and other professionals in film marketing might see this tool as more than an app: It is a partner that can help market their project successfully...and gain a profit in doing so.

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