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AI-powered tool that generates a diabetes-friendly meal plan.

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About Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner

Introducing the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner by Stackbear, an AI-powered tool that is designed to provide you with a customized diabetes meal to ensure that your blood sugar levels remains stable.

Diet is an important aspect of managing diabetes well and ensuring that your glucose levels are stable is crucial in reducing the risk of complications that can arise from diabetes.

Getting access to nutritiously sound diabetic-friendly recipes that are affordable and readily accessible could be challenging, especially if you have a very demanding schedule.

However, with the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner, you can now create meal plans for yourself and your loved ones, without having to spend a lot of time researching recipes and calculating the carbs and ingredients for each meal.

With the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner, having a diabetes-friendly meal plan mapped out for you is as easy as providing a few clicks of answers to the questions below:

The Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner at Work

Users of the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner can enjoy the following features on the app:

Step 1: Choose the type of cuisine that you would like for your diabetes-friendly meal.

Sometimes, you might have cravings for Chinese, Italian, American, or other types of meals. With the app, you can now align it with your cravings and still gain access to good food but without it being unhealthy for your diabetes management.

More importantly, these cuisine types come with recipes that are optimized to suit diabetic patients like you. For example, rather than consuming a typical high-carb plate of fried rice or pasta, it would be healthier for you to have a healthier alternative created specifically by our dietitians to satiate that particular craving.

The best part about the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner is that you get to enjoy American, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and other ethnic dishes that you love without it affecting your goal of managing your diabetes well.

Step 2: Choose the timing of your meal.

Are you the kind of person who loves having early breakfast or maybe you tend to skip dinner. Regardless of how you manage your daily food intake, this meal planner is designed to work seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Step 3: Indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions in the checklists.

If you have any allergies related to a specific ingredient, this is a step that allows you to stay safe – and remember, no more guessing the content or origin of ingredients.

Key Features of the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner

Once you have completed the three simple steps above, the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner will get to work and generate a nutritionally sound diabetes meal plan for you. Here are some key features that the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner offers.

Convenient and Easy Way to Export Meal Plans

Once the diabetes meal plan has been generated and you are happy with it, you can find the export button to get a comprehensive shopping list for the ingredients on the meal plan.

It saves you the effort of creating the shopping list, and you can also avoid double purchases or over-stocking of ingredients. Best of all, it brings cost savings to your weekly grocery shopping.

Hosting a dinner party or buying a gift for your loved ones? You can print out this meal plan and use it as a handy guide for the guests at your party. You can avoid pitfalls such as over-purchasing, or spending excessively on restaurant meals or indulgent gifts.

Share your favorite food-related memories and photographs on the in-app portal, and let your loved ones learn more about the journey you have been through in managing your diabetes well.

Manage your patient’s meals and offer diet management services effortlessly if you are a healthcare professional

Many diet management apps were designed for patients, but few cater to the needs of stakeholders such as clinician, dietitians, therapists, and other experts who are pivotal figure in managing diabetes screening and prevention effectively on patients.

Byon 19 Apr 2021

Clinicians can use these customizable and automated features of the Diabetes-friendly Meal Planner in providing interdisciplinary care across specialities and seamlessly share diet management protocols with larger teams effectively in one place.

Plans Specific for People Going Through Comorbidities

If you and your doctor wanted to enroll in our precisely curated plans meant for people who have other diabetes-related comorbidities, this meal planner is perfect for you. It gives you transitions that are stress-free and comprehensive plans to ensure that you get full support while flying solo during your diabetes management journey.

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Dr Oliver is a fully registered medical doctor who has formal training, as well as experience in healthcare and the medical field. He shares with Christel the

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