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AI-powered tool that produces dental clinical reports based on given inputs.

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About Dentistry Clinical Report Generator

Do you need to boost your workflow? Stackbear is here to help with a quick and simple Dental Clinical Report Generator for Dentistry.

What is a Dental Clinical Report Generator?

This tool could save a dentist hours of time. This is one of the Philips dental products that offers robust data analytics capabilities, including a smart dental clinical report generator. Going well beyond standard notation tools, this software learns the dental practitioner’s personal writing style and employs natural language processing (NLP) to generate full case narratives. Based on information you enter and the system’s reference data, the AI will generate a complete document in seconds. Templates can be customized for practice needs, although presets are typically adequate for most general and specialist practice settings.

Dental clinical report generation is a new landmark in dental practices

The daily routines of dentists are well-documented with volumes: examine patients, take notes, place patients on care plans, and so on.

Dental clinical reports are overview statements that encapsulate an exam and provide information to family dentists, specialists, and health care partners involved in caring for patients. Quality care is about communication and making sure everyone is aware of treatment progress and provider advice.

Writing a report is time-consuming, low-value work for providers. The Philips Dental Clinical Report Generator (CLR) takes away that burden in one click.

Working with dental providers at each step of development, this assistant learns patterns and clinical guidelines to help with both efficient and accurate report generation. As part of making things easier, providers can also use this assistant in their words, and its voice integration facilitates seamless updating of patient notes. Better time spent, higher patient satisfaction

Across care, interactions require precious provider time. Obstacles such as the volume of virtual care tasks required during the last weeks of a one-year monitoring period can challenge provider workflow, particularly in the coordinated reauthorization of long-term care reauthorization when an insurer’s authorization is not timely or can’t be obtained. For endodontists use, the endodontic report generator is built with NLP methods.

Using AI to improve report generation

Care providers have taken one of two routes to deal with large volumes: turning to cheap overseas labor (maintaining to meet quality requirements) or assigning mid-level practitioners.

While significantly cheaper, the former is a questionable long-term strategy as US suppliers have had repeated labor and data regulation sanction failures; for example, VoiceDictation in 2009, DeNovo Software in 2015, Global 99% Healthcare Solutions in 2018, and CenseData in 2021.

The latter perpetuates the exhaustion felt by physicians and nurses, who are more likely to find employment elsewhere if they do untenable support tasks.

Developing an AI-based solution was a natural fit against these options. It also works at an ROI level given how much time it saves the typical dentist.

The day-to-day benefits of the dental clinical report generator:

- Saves time by automating the writing of complete cases
- Presets can address a broad range of common care categories for major settings and include lexicon features
- This AI continuously evolves its opinion
- When you select something different, the report will change, so you don’t have to redo the entire thing.

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