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An AI-powered tool for generating tailored dentistry informed consent forms.

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About Dentistry Consent Form Generator

As a dentist, you need to obtain informed consent before performing any dental procedure. The process involves describing the nature of the treatments, the risks, side effects, and alternative treatments to patients. You also need to clarify the potential benefits of treatment, as well as prognosis and success rates. All this information needs to be delivered in simple language and customized to match the patient's dental condition.

This process could be daunting for both you and your patients. A Dentistry Consent Form Generator takes on the task of creating high-quality customised consent forms. It helps you streamline the process of information delivery to build trust with your patients.

Features Of Our Dentistry Consent Form Generator

High-Quality, Customized Consent Forms

Our AI generates detailed, high-quality consent forms specific to your patients' dental conditions. You commence the process by selecting your patient's dental condition from our selection of options.

Next, describe the procedure, the risks, complications, and side-effects. Use our templates and customise the content to match your needs. Our easy-to-use interface leverages AI technology, enabling you to quickly create a personalised yet detailed consent form.

You can download the final consent form, receive a one-time download URL, or share a link with your patients to fill it online and skip paper consent forms.

Educate Patients

Our consent form generator helps dental practices move from traditional 'signature + paper' consent to a digitised process. Create multimedia-rich consent forms, including illustrations, videos, images, links to references, and FAQs. These tools make complex dental procedures easier for patients to understand.

Additionally, you can customize the presentation of this information for specific patient groups.

For example, if you are treating pediatric patients, simplify the language and adopt animations to appeal to their understanding.

By doing so, you can help patients make educated decisions about their oral health without relying on trust alone. As a result, it promotes shared decision-making, ultimately leading to higher patient satisfaction.

Stay Compliant

Our consent forms generator tool is designed to keep up with the latest compliance guidelines such as HIPAA and the Health Records Act. Stay compliant by leveraging the best of design and technology while ensuring the utmost security.

To prepare your practice to in a competitive marketplace, partners need to stay ahead of technology and compliance standards. Our AI forms generation tool enables you to break free from the limitations of traditional consent forms and other conventional patient paperwork methods.

The Latest in AI-driven Automation

Time is of the essence in any dental practice. This process can be a time-consuming effort. But, artificial intelligence can automate them all.

You don’t need to retype the content every time you want a consent form. With our Dentistry Consent Forms, you just need to type it once, and the information will be automatically finds itself in subsequent generations. Dropdowns and other drag-and-drop features load predefined values, saving your precious time further.

Our Consent Forms Generator Provides Consistency in Wording

Make your dental practice look professionally managed. A single source of truth eliminates confusion. The generator ensures everyone in the office, from the assistant to the receptionist, uses the same consistent template.

Patients don’t want to come across different versions of the same document. As a standalone entity, your dental practice can achieve this level of consistency easily by using our Generator.

Ensure a Seamless Patient Experience

Talk about seamless services. Our Dentistry Consent Forms Generator can help you offer just that. Adjectives like quick, safe, and hassle-free fit this state-of-the-art solution aptly.

To get consent digitally, you can use our kiosks and patient portals. Patients can even use their smartphones to fill the forms securely. You may drop it to your patients' inbox with an email. It’s that easy!

Integrates with Your Existing Apps

Can’t just discard your existing apps? Good news is when you use our Journal, you need not worry about it at all. Your existing apps, including Marketing Automations, CRM, and Dental Practice Management Software, can be seamlessly integrated with our consent form generator.

Using our Journal Consent Form Generator other places where you keep your data can coexist and even benefit from each other with a high level of interdependence and compatibility.

Optimize Your Workflow and Practice

Integrate our Dentistry Consent Form Generator in Your Dental Practice to optimise your workflow.

The generator helps your team stay productive with automation. Minimize any instance of rework on misfiled forms by setting a reminder on the portal for when to print forms and where to store them.

Adorn Your Dental Practice Brand

Beautify the representation of your dental practice in the eyes of your patients by using our generator brand guidelines.

The generator allows you to get your preferred brand’s UI , colors, and logos embedded in the final consent form form you use. Your patients fill out forms in a format aligned with your dental practice’s branding guidelines, ensuring consistent representation.

Are your dental practice’s services available online? Our Dentistry Consent Form Generator

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