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Running a dental clinic on your own can be quite the task. From staying on top of your schedule, diagnosing and treating patients, and completing notes for each appointment, it can be overwhelming. If you’re running a bigger operation, there are more patients to diagnoses, more files to complete and protect and more claims to fill…we could list quite a few more tasks that come with leading your own dental clinic.

The most important part of your work falls on the patient. Many dislike going to the dentist and view their appointments as a necessary evil for a cleaner smile. Others may have severe anxiety and might reschedule their appointments because they can’t bring themselves to go.

Do your patients often forget about their appointment? Dental appointment scheduling can be an inexact science; sometimes patients rebook without leaving a note. Other times, they put the appointment in their calendar but don’t turn on notifications. If your schedule is such that you’re not constant around patients and your staff doesn’t always have time for confirmations, consider how many % you could book if your patients had reminders.

There is a two-step process to scheduling appointments. Dentists sometimes overlook the first step: having a patient schedule at all. 

Knowing if a dentist is in your network only matters if the clinic can afford the lost time and money from appointments cancelled because of payment issues. It’s important to make sure this step is smooth, as a mental reminder to schedule or check insurance only works if an available appointment is found and paid for. It’s important for the assistant (if you have one) to constantly follow up with prospective patients to make sure this step is going well and that they aren’t becoming disinterested. 

The beauty of the fact that you can’t do it all is that you don’t have to. Enrolling new patients, marketing, daily reminders for patient engagement - there are AI-apps that can help with each one of these tasks as consultation work on special cases.   

Here, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best AI-powered apps to streamline your dental clinic for busines growth:

Dental appointment reminders can be frustrating for you, your staff, and your team. It may be an afterthought in your mind. But contrastly, for 

Your time is the most important thing that you have especially when running a small business like a dental clinic. A reminder can cost you 10 seconds to just consume or store the information you receive. That’s why Dentuit’s name and task prospecting feature is valuable. Dentuit won’t just task you the reminder; it will also show you the context button for the data that it pulled from.

There’s another hidden ability of Dentuit. It’s a minimal CRM. Dentistry likely won’t need a full-fledged CRM dedicated for the task since those tools are more useful for outreach. The intersection is in the time scheduling and note taking part. Dentuit notes are synced with your team according to your team’s preferences, meaning that everyone has control over their own time. Installing Dentuit and with your team in it, will enable each of you to see that the reminder was sent, and if your assistant is on vacation or sick (a hopefully rare event), the output brief bits can be up to date.

The dashboard feature of Dentuit will show how much time was saved (summed within a single account however so there’s no competition issues with the team) and your appointment count for the current month (offen to evaluate if your case justifies hte premium). 

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