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About DentalPostOpAI

Dentistry is a highly regulated field, and dentists must investigate comply with many protocols to ensure a safe and reliable patient experience. Following compliance codes that vary from state to state can be a headache. Error and misunderstanding are common with verbal instructions, especially for anxious patients, as they tend to either not hear or remember important information concerning post-operative care. Alexander Ovchinsky, a practicing dentist in Heath, Ohio, sought a solution to this problem by automating the creation of post-operative care instructions to save time and improve patient care and communication.

After presenting the idea to the dental community on a facebook page, he realized the idea was brilliant, and his colleagues, dentists, in particular, were thrilled with the idea. Alexander reached out to the TechTogether team in December 2021 to develop a dental text generator implementing OpenAI's GPT-3 model. OpenAI GPT-3 uses artificial intelligence to generate language-based text, which allows the tool to write text automatically without any user input except for the initial description or prompt. GPT-3 uses the prompt to generate more text based on its training or "knowledge" of the language and grammar.

Alexander believed an AI-generated text approach would be the ideal way to gain efficiency for creating post-operative care instructions. He wanted a program that could encourage adherence to the protocol while allowing for dental offices to customize the information in the post-operative care instruction and seamlessly comply with policy.

From December 2, 2021 to February 8, 2022, Alexander's team built Dental Post-Op AI and Manager. Dental Post-Op AI is a program designed to generate patient-friendly post-operative care instructions, as mentioned earlier. Dental Post-Op manager enables dental offices production with customizable, yet quality-driven post-operative care instructions.

The Dental Post-Op AI uses the best coding approach to provide post-operative instructions; it combines the latest regulations, guidelines, and recommendations set by top organizations specializing in Dentistry.

Major Role of Automated Dentistry

The dental Post-Op AI offers dentists Three key functions:

Improved patient experience (100% customization of post-operative care instructions)

Elimination of Miscommunication

Efficiency in the dental office

Improved Patient Experience (100% customization of post-operative care instructions)

Custom Post-operative care instructions

Automated dentistry is designed to provide post-operative care instructions that are tailored to the needs and condition of the patient. No one-size-fits-all post-operative care instructions are given.

Miscommunication Elimination

Miscommunication in the healthcare center can lead to a high rate of both readmissions and patient dissatisfaction. Many people misunderstand physician instructions after discharge, with rates of misunderstanding reaching more than 40%. As such, efficient and effective methods of transmitting post-operative care instructions to patients are essential.

Automated dentistry effectively eliminates miscommunication, using information entered by the dentist to design post-operative care instructions that the patient can understand completely. Instructions are, therefore, effectively communicated to every patient.

The practice’s and dentist's name can be inserted on the document's first page automatically to prevent forgery.

Efficiency in the dental office

Efficient patient management is the dream of every dental office. Creating post-operative care instructions is among the tiniest and a common but time-consuming task that can hinder efficient patient management.

However, with automated dentistry, a single click generates a complete, patient-friendly, and professionally correct post-operative care instruction specific to the individual patient.

Dentists can automatically display their practice’s aftercare instructions It significantly reduces the time spent on every patient, increasing dental office efficiency while boosting practice revenue. Staff and the dentist save hours of time previously spent creating post-operative care instructions from scratch.

Simple Design

The post-operative care instructions are designed in a simple format that the AI predicts the patient will understand. The Text is intelligently forced to contain essential information that is patient-friendly and designed to ensure proper aftercare. Automated dentistry ensures the customization of the instructions complements but do not change the fundamental goals of aftercare instructions and the required recommendations of dental experts, as this may lead to the misrepresentation of the facts and potential risks if misunderstood by the public.

Doctors can add their office logo to the post-operative care instructions to add a touch. The instructions generated are printable in PDF format.

In conclusion, automated dentistry is software that can create and customize post-operative care instructions for dentists and dental offices while incorporating the essential recommendations of top dental bodies. This ensures patients receive high-quality instructions tailored to their condition, reducing miscommunication risks.

The solution decreases the time spent creating post-operative instructions, whose format and content might be standardized but may not meet the original instructions' needs.

Alexander and team offer this limitless creation of post-operative care instructions backed with many amazing features to ensure dentists can organize and easily provide for the ever-growing demand they face at the office saving time and producing professionally correct post-operative care instructions on patient-friendly terms.

With automated dentistry, you

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