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AI writer for generating educational handouts for dental patients.

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About Dental Education AI Writer

StackBear's Dental Education AI Writer makes it easy to create patient education materials.

Make dental treatment confusing for patients? Wish you had a simple, but comprehensive, educational handout to share? Our Dental Education AI Writer helps practices quickly create easy-to-understand content for those weighing their treatment options and reinforces professional advice.

Create Custom Content, Fast: With the Dental Education AI Writer, you can create custom dental articles in record time, so you can educate patients more quickly

Choose From an Extensive Library: Don’t have time to create content from scratch? We’ve got you covered. Choose from an extensive library of pre-generated dental articles that will address your patients’ FAQs.

What can my practice do with dental AI-generated content?

When it comes to using AI to solve your business pain points, the possibilities are endless. Here are 5 KPIs your business might improve after integrating AI into its operations.

In addition to generating content, you can also make the overall writing process more efficient, which will ultimately help you drive organizational improvements.

Your practice needs to publish more content more often. Dental AI-driven content addresses this need by taking the work out of content production. Create blog posts, e-books, and whitelabel content at scale with the Dental AI Writer.

Your practice wants to improve blog metrics. Your blog is at the top of your conversion funnel, and needs to be able to bring in organic website traffic. The Dental AI Writer ensures your blog never goes stale and that you can routinely add optimized articles to your website.

Your practice has a high-volume content production model. StackBear’s software can churn out content fast. The Dental AI Writer develops articles in minutes. And the tool can also publish straight to your CMS.

Your company’s dental writing isn’t performing. Subpar writing isn’t good for business. It can be hard to judge the quality of the work you’re producing when you’ve got immediate deadlines, but a poorly-written or low-quality blog post can jeopardize visitor trust. You don’t want to lose a potential patient or referral because of poor writing. Use dental content created by the Dental AI Writer, and rest easy that your content will be polished and professional the first time.

You’re manually editing content. Given the right circumstances [5], most of the time in-house dental writers will agree: the Dental AI Writer isn’t going to take your job, it’s going to make your job easier.

If you’re editing thousands of pages of content every day, you’re not working on creative writing tasks or pitching your editor new ideas. You’re proofreading for spelling and grammar.

Fortunately, AI-generated content is usually relatively error-free, so you can focus on the creative aspects of writing.

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How does the Dental Writer work?

To Brief or Not to Brief?

When you’re ready to create content with the Dental AI Writer, you can choose between writing with or without a brief. If you have specifics in mind, you can include them to ensure your AI-generated content meets those requirements

Make dental treatment confusing for patients? Harriet reviews the practice’s treatment plans.

Frequently asked questions

What is StackBear?

Successful companies of the future drive as much — if not more — profit from their big sequels and business systems as they do from their original products. We build the software that enables them to do that.

You see, most tools fall short because they can’t adapt and improve over time. With StackBear, after we do a few more software launches, (Hey Beartopia and Bear Dorado!) we know the most important innovations come from our customers’ ideas and requests. The majority of our product maturation is driven by the needs of users, which is why we release new products every month or so.

Wyswis dolphin platform makes the content creation process easy for businesses of all sizes. The web-based tool meets business’ insatiable demand with AI-driven processes, supplying hundreds of content ideas in seconds, and streamlining content workflows.

More than a decade of StackBear’ experience in content creation enabled our team to build a tool that produces high-quality content across the most popular formats for your business. Perfect for company blogs, landing pages, email content, and more.

Make dental treatment confusing for patients? Get fewer questions during appointments

How StackBear works

Using our NLP-driven algorithms, dental content feeds individual blog post questions. Then, the article generation engine delivers a draft post in seconds.

Of course, you can save time and amplify potential organic search benefits by finishing the 80% of the most straightforward blog customizations with a few button clicks, anyways but you want that free Meta Description for this page to be turned on.* As an AI-powered content generation tool, writers can also use Dolphin to inspire their writing and boost their productivity.

StackBear offers a full suite of plot-driven AI software making simple or complex creative projects take human-analogs minutes, all the while collecting reinforced

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