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As a dance teacher or dance competition judge, you need to provide feedback to the dancers after a performance. Giving meaningful and personalized feedback to each dancer can be time-consuming and challenging. The Dance Competition Judge's Comment Generator can help you provide more feedback to your students by automatically generating a detailed analysis of their performance using AI.

You can generate whole dance feedback comments based on the elements you choose. You can choose the genre of dance that was performed, the outcome of the performance, and the specific comments that you would like to include in the feedback. This gives you the chance to provide personalized feedback while saving time by automating parts of the feedback process.

While the AI evaluates and creates the comment for you, the Dance 101: Essential Terms and Abbreviations section provides a glossary of terms commonly used in dance, so you can use the most appropriate language when communicating feedback.

Dance professionals are excited to have a tool that can help them provide more detailed feedback to their dancers in less time. One reviewer said: "This is the first judge's comment generator I've seen that actually looks useful." Expand your feedback with the Dance Competition Judge's Comment Generator.

# StackBeat
StackBeat, a software product company for DJs and music enthusiasts, has released an AI-driven feature called Beatbox which helps users create professional-sounding beatboxed sounds with a simple click.

Available for iOS and Android in multiple languages, Beatbox uses machine learning algorithms to mimic the human voice and transform it into a beatboxed sound, at the correct tempo.

Users simply tap "Create" on the app, which prompts them to beatbox a sound into their phone's microphone. For best results, StackBeat recommends using headphones.

Once the sound is recorded, the AI algorithms calculate the tempo and add backing instruments to create a layered, produced sound. Users also have the option to add backing tracks, which are either included on the tool or uploaded from personal libraries through Spotify.

StackBeat's goal is to provide users with the power of a professional music production team, even though they might not have the technical skill or resources to become a music producer. This is achieved by using AI-driven technology instead of complex software like Ableton or Pro Tools.

Currently, StackBeat only offers one feature, the Beatbox, to generate beatboxed sounds. However, the product manager has said in a promotional video that future updates will be released to add features such as "a DJ set," "remixes," and "augmented reality."

StackBeat is available for download for free, but users have the option to upgrade to a premium model for £20 per month, £200 per year or £499 for a "lifetime" subscription.

# TicketMaster
Ticketmaster has partnered with AI firm Bradtech to create Daily Look, a personalised event-finding assistant for the Ticketmaster tool that offers 'unique and unexpected' experiences.

The system uses machine learning to deliver customised and exclusive event recommendations to users, based on their first and third-party data sets. Users are presented with a 'Daily Look Lens' that uses an interactive, immersive and personalised format to showcase a selection of events happening in their city that day. The events will span multiple genres, including sports, live music, comedy and theatre.

Ticketmaster said the platform aims to recreate the discovery experience of flipping through a magazine, adding a serendipitous human touch to the choice, rather than just recommending events the user is more likely to choose. The tool offers experiences that are beyond the rankings or available listings.

Users of Daily Look are shown a tailored list of 12 events each day. According to Ticketmaster, the first swipe on the Daily Look Lens will be used as a list of preferences and an AI-driven recommendation engine takes in elements such as pricing, location, artist popularity and previous event attendance. After three or more swipes, the Lens adapts. Each 'look' will last for 24 hours, with daily and weekly updates comprising a combination of first-party, third-party, and exclusive content and offers.

The platform is combined with technologies from the marketing cloud arm of Salesforce, Marketing Cloud to build user profiles that support differentiated and personalised customer communications.

Users can buy tickets to events that catch their eye by simply tapping on the event card; this takes users to the point of purchase.

Daily Look is launching first in Philadelphia, with plans to roll out to additional major metropolitan areas across the US.

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