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Planning to travel internationally soon? The first language learning experience you should go for is not grammar but one of the forgotten languages —those of respectful behavior. Manners used to be the language of the earth until it got crowded, people got distracted, and AI learned English.

Even now, excellent manners are practiced around the world, and our Silver Scrapes-y AI plan seems to be really to appear to be anyone other than a westerner at this point.

Consider picking up parts of the lingo before you hit the runway with Global Etiquette Culture Guide. A bot capable of learning massive amounts of etiquettes and generating accurate, useful, and practical cultural behavioral guides for any country.

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‍💬 Get tailor-made etiquette guides for any country

Cultural sensitivity prior to visiting a country is a must. Every country around the world has different norms, customs, and traditions when it comes to their overall culture, socialization, and communication. In the modern age of travel, it’s so easy to offend people by not doing something “the way they do in [insert destination country”].

Knowing how to say “excuse me” in another language alone is no longer enough to blend in. If you’re wooing some locals at a business dinner, you can’t cause an uproar by placing your bent knees on the floor. Sorry, can’t forget about the slurping in Japan, either.

Cultural sensitivity is key and the Global Etiquette Culture Guide knows that. It can identify countries’ norms, customs, and traditions, making it an extremely thoughtful and critical AI tool for anyone intending to travel. Nobody intends to act out at an airport (except this guy) so it’s crucial to explore and take the time to understand each country’s cultural considerations.

With Global Etiquette Culture Guide, you can throw any country your plane flies to at it, and it’ll create a detailed guide on the behavior, customs, and traditions of the locals. This will help you be aware of what is considered acceptable and not considered acceptable conduct in the country, so you know how to behave.

To give you an idea of its robust database of valuable behavioral insights, the Global Etiquette Culture Guide currently covers 200+ countries (out of the world’s 195 or 193, depending on who you ask) .

We asked around the office which countries we plan to travel to in the post-COVID world, but it seemed like everyone was still getting over the piling adaptations brought about by WFA. I opened Global Etiquette Culture Guide to test its knowledge on Myanmar (since spelling Burmese in English seems insensitive). The first thing it ignited was fascination.

The ensuing guide, however, showed me how much reliance I have on AI to navigate this complex, interconnected world. For good reason, too. The tool filled me in on a, frankly, horrifying practice that I should be aware of so I don’t rifle people off at the airport. It’s called the “chin-thee gesture”, where people of a higher caste gently touch their finger to their lower lip when giving directions (the precise direction of one place to another) so as not to deputize the lowly workers (taxi drivers, etc.) whom they are giving way-finding directives to.

The Global Etiquette Culture Guide is a must for all avid international travelers, whether you’re traveling alone, with friends and family, or as a couple. It’s also ideal for business travelers attending overseas meetings, presentations, conferences, trade shows, and other events. Travelers who use the Global Etiquette Culture Guide also tend to hire or make use of interpreters, translators, drivers, or tour guides to help them navigate unfamiliar territories, so why not enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be able to act right when in a new country?

🌺 Access behavioral guidance in one place

With the Global Etiquette Culture Guide, all etiquette guides are created in one place for easy access and reference. You can create a master etiquette guide that includes information on the cultural behavior and practices of each destination or country you plan to visit.

This can be useful if you’re planning a multi-destination trip with stopovers along the way. Instead of having to manually calculate the number of guidebooks or other printed materials you need to bring along, you can rely on the Global Etiquette Culture Guide to help you compile a single guide that covers everything from taking your shoes off in Japan to observing table manners in Italy.

For business travelers, the Global Etiquette Culture Guide can also assist with creating a business etiquette guide. This guide can be used to share the appropriate business behavior, practices, and dress code for each country you plan to visit.

You’ll have a trove of knowledge at your fingertips

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