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About Community Program Guide Generator

As a librarian, you know the value of having a community program guide for your patrons. Not only do these guides help you showcase your library's many programs and events, but they also make it easier for your community to stay informed and engaged.

But let's face it: Caught up in your day-to-day library tasks, it can be tough to find the time to strategically and consistently draft these program guides. That's where the new Community Program Guide Generator comes in.

Add all the program information you'd like to feature in your community program guide, such as program names, program descriptions, target audiences, and schedules, and let the tool do the rest. It will generate a professionally written compilation of program descriptions and marketing language you can spotlight in your program guide, saving you time and brainpower.

With the Community Program Guide Generator, you'll have more hours to spend bringing your community closer together by hosting workshops, clubs, demonstrations, and other events. Just the thought of hosting more engaging programming that meets your patrons' unique interests and needs can make your librarian's heart burst with joy!

What is a Community Program Guide?

A community program guide is a document that librarians create and distribute within their communities to inform readers about various library events, initiatives, and programs. These might include book clubs, storytimes, computer classes, or workshops. Just like an event registration platform, a program guide is an essential part of effective event management for libraries, as it promotes the programming available to all members of your community to help raise awareness about the event.

To engage a wide range of readers, your community program guide should feature diverse event offerings that appeal to diverse audience interests and needs. By including various library program descriptions, you can better reach your target audience and make sure everyone in your community stays informed about important library events.

Community Program Guide Generator Features

Creating a comprehensive community program guide takes hard work, time, and effort. But these things may sound like a complete turnoff if you're already feeling busy and overwhelmed with your other librarian duties. Luckily, the new Community Program Guide Generator helps you avoid the hassle by creating compelling program descriptions that'll keep your patrons informed and engaged.

Key among the Community Program Guide Generator features is its user-friendly interface. With a few simple prompts and clicks, you're off to the races in drafting an attractive community program guide focused on fun events and learning opportunities. But don't let the simplicity fool you: The tool is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, giving it the ability to craft well-thought-out text tailored for your organization.

Basically, the Community Program Guide Generator acts as an AI-powered librarian text generator, creating realistic sentences, paragraphs, and descriptions that could come directly from you and your team. You enter a brief description of your program parameters, and the tool does the creative work for you, outputting unique text you can use in your community program guide.

When you're pulling together a community program guide, it’s important to have engaging content that will get your readers excited about the programs your library will offer. This way, they are more likely to RSVP or stop by. So, the AI-powered feature of the Community Program Guide Generator is a boon for librarians.

And since marketing copy isn't always the simplest writing task, there's a customizable feature to fit your varied marketing needs. From scrolling through different descriptions to changing the tone of the language, you can play an active role in developing the content to reflect your library’s vibe and building a vibrant engagement network.

The tool draws text from millions of AI-written sentences to ensure the generated content is realistic and coherent. And, since the AI copywriter is built with a secure machine learning model, it adheres to data privacy and security precautions.

When and How to Use the Community Program Guide Generator

The Community Program Guide Generator is available to all librarians who are currently using Libby, OverDrive's part of their Sora tool for schools, OverDrive’s Content Reserve, or, OverDrive Marketplace. Essentially, if you work with or access any of this software, you'll have the ability to craft compelling community program guides.

Get started in Ripple by navigating to the right column of the landing page. Here, you'll be able to pick from various format options in types for your Community program guide text, such as:

Guided composition

Using this setting you can provide some input parameters and. the AI would generate the text based on these inputs.

Advanced customization

Over here you can provide a holistic input for the generation and also have more granular control over the system output.

Buying Guide

Are you just getting your library registered and funded for new literacy programs and services and need a way to get the word out? Our dedicated guide will help you prepare your library.

Guided Composition vs. Advanced Customization

With the Community Program Guide Generator, you have two content generation options, with Integrations that allow you to collaborate with your A-team in real-time.

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