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An AI-powered writing generator for creating standardized test prep materials for adult education.

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About Adult Education Test Prep Generator

Welcome to the world of online educational resource generators: AI-powered apps that make writing easier and more efficient. If you're a busy educator looking to streamline test prep materials, you've come to the right place.

Adult Education Test Prep Generator is a web-based tool specifically designed for adult educators to create up-to-date, effective, and culturally responsive standardized test prep materials for adult learners.

Let's dive deep into the features, benefits, and pricing options of Adult Education Test Prep Generator but first, let's understand a bit more about test prep.

Are you looking to reposition yourself in the workforce, pursue higher education and/or start a new career? You will most likely need to go through it without issue.

In this guide, OutofStocker takes you through the importance of adult education, test standards for adult education training, and how Adult Education Test Prep Generator can help to create custom test prep content.

Deep Dive: Test Prep, a Rising Revenue Stream in Edtech

Rise of the test prep education market

With everyone jumping into education since the pandemic, one niche is taking the lead: test preparation. Think college applications, GMATs, SATs, and of course, teacher licensure exams. In 2020, 70% of all teacher licensure tests taken in the US came from one company: Pearson.

To give some context, Pearson’s 2020 stock grew by 168%, and has been growing around 14% each year for the past five years. The company is currently valued at a staggering $11.8 billion.

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with test preparation, but we're not interested in offering a solution to it,” writes Nintel’s founding CEO, on this Forbes column.

It’s becoming clear that growth in the test prep industry does not correlate to a better-equipped cohort of teachers.

In the end, Pearson's leadership posted earnings ahead of their five-year growth guidance.

How does Adult Education Test Prep Generator work?

Adult Education Test Prep Generator is a web-based platform that provides access to thousands of AI-generated multiple choice and closed set questions, explanations, engaging study materials, and much more.

With everything you need to prepare high-quality, effective and culturally responsive standardized testprep materials for your adult learners, the tool will give you more of a competitive edge in adult ed.

How Will You Benefit From Using Adult Education Test Prep Material?

We’ve summarised the key benefits of using the Adult Education Test Prep Material:

Powerful Scenarios for Interpretive Conversation Questions

We will provide several adult education-related prompts as well as MLAPI time for this task. All you need to do is write a response as if you were the person portrayed in the prompt.

Practice modules with aligned answer explanations, so you can easily auto-generate and customize lessons, review materials, tests, and more

Practice modules with aligned answer explanations, so you can

Assign your lessons, tests, and exams to your student group(s) with ease

Auto-generate and edit materials, lesson plans, quizzes, and more based on needs

A growing question bank for diverse subject areas such as math, science, reading, and more

Use our ready-to-use resources (lessons, tests, and exams created by educators).

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What Is Adult Education Test Prep Generator Best For?

Adult Education Test Prep Generator is ideal for adult educators in GED classes, vocational training, and language proficiency. The tool seeks to reduce cognitive load for teachers and create efficiencies in the curriculum development process.

Increased efficiency

Adult Education Test Prep Generator For Standardized Test Content Generation

Standardized test prep-generation tool targeting GED classes, vocational trainings, and English as a second language programs. Tool provides standardized test content creation automation centered around natural language processing, adaptive learning, and instructional design. As of now, 3,593 test items have been generated using the solution.

Easy to use

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