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This tool is an AI-powered research guide generator. It produces a comprehensive guide for conducting research on a specified topic.

About Research Guide Generator

Introducing Our Research Guide Generator: The Artificial Intelligence-Powered Tool Developed to Revolutionize Document Organization and Source Real-Time Research Strategies

Are you in need of a bibliography, a research guide, an annotated bibliography, a history or thecontent of a Field Manual? With AI-powered research and document management platforms,Library and Information Science Professionals gain cross disciplinary info-skills allowing the easy managing, updating and navigating all through convenient administrative access to collection development and services.

What it is

Our users are advanced or analytic learners who focus on crafting easy-to-understand, highly enjoyable chatbot conversations that simplify the A to Z of using online and offline sources to generate timely and relevant answers withour coding, need to repeat, or stilted responses and repetitive sticking points and dead spots.

Unlock instant access to over 60 Research Guide templates developed by Librarians to improve Work Flow


Access features built for librarians, publishers, universities, and everyone in between. Here Are Just A Few of the Over 600 Features Our Research Guide App Offers:

Research Guides

Our Research Guide app was developed by a library at a public research university with a history of more than 60 years. The university library has access to the latest books, journals, databases, digital archives, and storage that began before 1800 making them an ideal high profile partner. Access The Most Refreshingly New ROI Data Our app is ideal for newcomers wanting to try something new, PPC managers looking to build amazing reports, or PPC researchers in a saturated market. The app is available On demand, during an entire week, or all year long. Descriptive; nicely catalogs primary source analysis.

How it works

Content Optimization

One Click Bibliography/ Scholarly Annotation Generation

Save In PDF, APA, Chicago, And MLA Formats With One Click

Click To Save Research Links to Your Google Scholar, JSTOR, EBSCO, & Other Topics

One Click Source Highlighting

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DocumentsFor the best AI-suggested conversion, source annotation, mastered deep learning, and organized stack, theKeep in mind, we're a dynamic technology that gets stronger by the User Profile. The more PDF's, shared, and used, the smarter We Get Together and the quicker the app can search and convert documents.

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Research presents multiple challenges to Librarians. Information abounds,so person information and librarians must be readily available and must continuously update theirresearch skills to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape. In addition to finding information, librarians oftentimes also create research guides to help its researchers find the best resources toanswer their research questions

It also features a variety of other powerful tools, including one-click bibliography generation, comprehensive source highlighting, and real-time content optimization.

Being able to artificially intelligenize the research process and generate an asset as valuable and time-consuming as a research guide [is going to set you up for success for life.

Research Guides

Get better ROISubscription Source Highlights

Enable Real-time content optimization(600+ custom AI research app features)

Calendar Management- While librarians are not directly engaging in the day-to-day activities of many departments.

Sometimes are called upon to do so, particularly as they relate to managing the personnel (professionals, staff, and student workers) or overseeing strategic planning processes. In order to be as effective as possible with these activities, librarians need to have a good foundation in project management and an understanding of the various tools used to support this type of work. Librarians need to be able to manage and collaborate with team members, keep track of important deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously, which can be a challenge. Use the one-button click to go from a partially highlighted document into a state of the art, beautifully designed document ready for publication with clear copy, thematic headings, and well-developed content.

As great as this feature is, the app doesn't stop evolving at the Source Highlighting Level. It also includes a General AI,that can Assist in:

Content Optimization

Real-time Optimization of Your Content and Works For Search Engines, Peer Review, and Audience

Deep Learning to Visually Optimize ContentConversion Speeds Three Times Faster Than A Human.

The app is a real-time, with human-like editing functions allowing you to fine-tune the document, on-the-fly,according to the user's needs, goals, or even random aside.

For example, if you are a professional counselor, who is trying to get their clients a "clear-cut" picture of what to expect from their week, month year, you might appreciate the library being able to generate and visualize these components in your chosen guide's for you.

For example, The app lets you add descriptions and resources. Use Resources

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