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Frequently asked questions

The Library Policy Generator app is a tool designed to expedite the process of creating, reviewing, and revising library policies. It uses AI technology to adapt to any library type, size, and budget.

The app creates comprehensive library policies based on best practices derived from extensive research. The policies cover all areas of library operations and service. They can also be customized and updated as needed.

The app mostly needs specific rules and regulations tied to the particular library's functions. For instance, inputs could include Library Hours, Lending Rules, and Computer Usage Rules.

Yes, you can. The app includes an easy-to-use editor for policy updates. If necessary, you can also add an entirely new policy to your library's collection.

Yes, Library Policy Generator is mobile-first and cloud-based. As a result, it can be used on any device with an internet browser, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Yes, it does. The app features full-text searching for existing and generated policies. Policies are searchable by keyword and tags such as type, service area, or position.

About Library Policy Generator

Whether you're a book lover or a refuge from the world, libraries are a sanctuary for everyone who visits them. Library staff strive to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all, but the driving force behind library policy is to ensure that a library's mission and objectives are met. Library policies, which guide decision making in all areas of library operations, play a critical role in upholding the ideals and principles set forth in a library's mission and strategic goals.

Library policies ensure that the library meets or exceeds professional standards and best practices. They also make library services, programs, materials, and spaces easier to use, provide clarity in library operations and interactions, and build trust and transparency with the community.

But creating library policies is time-consuming. It requires identifying critical issues, researching professional standards and best practices, seeking input from staff and stakeholders, analyzing and reconciling feedback and opinions, drafting policy statements and procedures, editing, reviewing, and finalizing. This process can take months. And once complete, library policies should routinely be reviewed, revised, or updated.

The time, effort, and expertise needed to create and maintain library policies present real challenges for many libraries. Libraries depending on a small staff, tight budgets, and limited hours for strategic initiatives, outreach, programming, and professional development, means library policy work is often pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

And yet, library policies ensure that the library is effectively and efficiently providing needed services to its community. Library policy work has far-reaching implications. Decisions made during the policy creation process help guide critical library operations, such as determining library hours and holidays, how materials circulate between libraries, managing interlibrary loans, establishing due dates and fines, who can use library programs and services, handling disruptive behavior, and so much more.

The decisions made during the policy creation process also affect library staff, such as determining schedules, managing personnel issues, establishing training and development requirements, and ensuring a safe, inclusive, and healthy working environment. For example, well-crafted library policies provide clear guidelines to employers and employees on dress codes, workplace behavior, and harassment policies.

The staff, resources, and time commitment needed to conduct the essential research, reviews, and revisions required to make informed and effective policy decisions can be daunting.

However, this is where the Library Policy Generator app shines.

Library Policy Generator is a powerful tool that makes creating, reviewing, and revising library policies efficient, affordable, and stress-free. Powered by cutting-edge AI, library Policy Generator seamlessly adapts to any library type, size, and budget. The Library Policy Generator app is unlike any other library policy creation tool on the market today.

Key Features

Library Policy Generator is more than just a library policy template creator. Each policy template is generated by AI that scans and extracts millions of pieces of academic content from the biggest research databases. The result? Policies created by Library Policy Generator are comprehensive and up-to-date with today's best practices.

A Comprehensive Library Policy Collection

Library Policy Generator boasts an extensive library policy collection with policies your library can adopt, adapt, and review. Covering core-level essential library policies in every area of library operations and service, your library will have all its policy needs met — from standard service policies to professional ethics, resource management to community engagement, and more.

Endless Customization and Personalization

AI-generated library policies not meeting your library's unique needs? No problem. Use our easy-to-use editor to update and customize a policy, or add an entirely new policy to your library's collection.

Seamless Collaboration and Sharing

Gone are the days of sharing paper policies through multiple staff mailboxes and cloud folders. Built-in editing and collaborative tools mean that your library's staff, administrators, and stakeholders can co-create, review, and revise policies in real-time — anytime and anywhere. Assign tasks and send email and mobile notifications to family and team members to keep everyone on the same page.

Mobile-First and Cloud-Based

Does your library want to draft its policies on a PC? Laptop? Tablet? Phone? Library Policy Generator is mobile-first and cloud-based. It's designed to be used on any device with an internet browser keep your policy work moving, no matter where your team is.

Full-Text Searching for Existing and Generated Policies

Feeling overwhelmed? Lost? Or just looking for direction? Library policies are searchable by keyword and tags including type, service area, or position. Plus, AI-generated policies automatically include keyword summaries, policy summaries, and best practices, making them easier to understand.

Customizable Report Generation

Pro Tip from our team of policy professionals: Preparing for an upcoming library board meeting? Need key due dates for a new library policy procedure?

Use the app to generate a clean and polished report-ready version of any library policy — including the creation and last revised date stamp, and approved or review pending status.

Pro Tip from our team of policy professionals: Preparing for an upcoming library board

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