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It's an AI-powered tool designed to generate adult education content focusing on financial literacy. This app aids users in creating financial literacy lessons that cater to a range of age groups and language preferences.

The app operates in 3 steps: firstly, you choose the foundation for your content. Next, you decide the target audience and tone of your material. Lastly, you have the room to edit the AI-generated content as you see fit, customizing it to your needs.

The app is designed for anyone in need of financial literacy content - from instructors running financial literacy courses and corporate training programs to individual learners who prefer self-paced learning.

The app produces top-quality financial literacy lessons tailored to your specified target age group and language style, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable.

To generate content, the app needs inputs on Financial Concept, Target Age Group, and Language Style. Based on these inputs, the app's AI will generate suitable content.

Absolutely. The third step in using the app allows you to make the content yours by editing and enhancing it as you see fit.

About Financial Literacy Material Generator

Running a financial literacy course? Need the right financial literacy materials for a wide age range in seconds? You're in the right place!

StackBear’s Financial Literacy Material Generator is an all-in-one content creation tool that saves hours of research.

Intuit and Prosperity Now surveyed Americans on financial literacy during the pandemic. Most Americans (75%) had concerns about money, and millennials and Gen-Z had the lowest financial literacy scores.

So learners fall behind without fast financial literacy lessons. Avoid this blocker by preparing top-notch materials with StackBear's Financial Literacy Material Generator!

Introducing StackBear’s Financial Literacy Material Generator: The Best Way to Create and Share Financial Literacy Materials!

StackBear’s Financial Literacy Material Generator focuses on stimulating a community of learners who can access quality financial knowledge.

StackBear is an emerging tech startup, and its goal is to provide equitable access to free and low-cost educational resources. StackBear caught on quickly and serves over 27,000 individuals with free and low-cost educational resources.

In specific, our financial literacy material helps course creators with generating content based on specific criteria like the reader’s age group and language preference. Users can export content to Google Docs and PDF using our generator's GUI.

Our financial literacy material creator is AI-powered. Our system weighs the largest dataset of financial literacy curated by professionals against syllabuses and a psycholinguistics quality criterion.

Here’s how to use it in 3-steps:

Select the Building Blocks for Your Content

Begin by selecting one of the available building blocks for your financial literacy content.

Choose the Appropriate Audience and Tone

Who are you creating the content for? The app will create suitable content based on the target audience's age and cognitive biases.

Make it Yours!

Edit the content as you see fit, and enhance the message using GPT-3. What's even better? The app gives us realistic advice on the financial literacy aspect.

StackBear's Financial Literacy Material Generator is suitable for financial literacy and business courses, corporate training programs, and individual learners who desire self-paced learning.

Link the content to your LMS system effortlessly. Save money by using our free and cost-effective content.

In brief, 5-key reasons to love using our Text Creation Tool for Financial Literacy

1. A massive dataset of financial literacy research materials

Our expert team, along with industry leaders, curates high-quality data.

In this finance document, check out the sources we cited:

2. Fast and accurate output

Provide a few details on your course, and the tool will generate content in seconds!

Get straight to work with the content or enhance it as you see fit.

3. A learning experience tailored to any level and audience

Achieve better learning outcomes with engaging, drag-and-drop content.

You can customize and personalize the commentaries from our algorithm.

4. Share with ease

The generator outputs content that you can export to PDF and Word documents effortlessly.

You can also integrate with the tool output.

5. Available at a fraction of the cost and time for creating content.

Writing materials doesn’t need to be go cheap, take forever or break your budget!

The financial literacy content creator will provide dynamic commentary to help you create suitable resources for your courses.

Enough with the time wasted. Generate content at scale

As a financial literacy program manager for Dutch competitor Climatebenefits, Carla M. often had to waste hours in content creation tools.

We interviewed Carla to understand the edits in content.

"I had to resynthesize insights with data and key points from different research. Then, had to translate those to expressions and adapt to the local Dutch target. It didn't have enough synthesized depth and the delivery was choppy even with high photoshopping hours."

This was a pain point for Carla. With any information that your learners see as inaccurate, trust, credibility, and authority ecome compromised. This could negatively impact the success of your financial literacy course. Now, lack of a yawachieve betterder sives and authorithink finance documents are useless after the course! Increase your revenues with a unique finance document generator.

Carla used StackBear's tool for a new climatebudget learn-on-your-own, not your willingness to spend - and more structur Try out $15.

Are You Ready to Begin? Leave the Concerns and Opt for A Creator Convenient for All Courses: StackBear's Free Financial Literacy Material Generator!

StackBear's AI-powered financial literacy material creator is perfect for engaging content for your audience and aligns with the widely used financial literacy content creation platforms:

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