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The Film Production Schedule Generator is a tool that aids film and TV show producers, assistant directors, and other decision-makers in the creation of detailed and well-structured production schedules. It considers factors such as talent availability, shift times, filming locations, prop and costume delivery, meal times and more. Additionally, it allows for manual adjustments and optimizations as the production progresses.

The Film Production Schedule Generator provides editable templates that serve as a starting point for creating your production schedule. These templates can further be customized to suit the specific needs of your film production.

Yes, you can. The Film Production Schedule Generator allows for manual adjustments and optimizations to be made throughout the duration of the project. This allows for flexibility and accommodates for unforeseen changes or delays.

The app would require inputs related to the Film Title, the Production Start Date, and Key Milestones around which the schedule would be built.

The project board in the Film Production Schedule Generator app is a feature that allows for the addition of visual representations such as pictures. This can help showcase the mood and style of the film. It is a tool for the better organization and visualization of the production process.

Once complete, the schedules can be exported to any third-party compatible with the .csv format. This includes platforms like Excel and Google Sheets. Moreover, it allows for the schedule to be posted online to coordinate with the team and key members.

About Film Production Schedule Generator

The film industry is known for its fast-paced schedule and the careful planning that goes into each project. To stay on track and ensure nothing falls through the cracks, filmmakers rely on detailed production schedules.

The task can be challenging given the complexity of the production process. You have to consider various factors, including talent availability, location permits, and COVID-19, among others. A tried and true method of generating a production schedule is a mandatory play.

The film production schedule generator app helps movie and TV show producers, first assistant directors (ADs), line producers, and other decision-makers easily create well-structured production schedules based on the tasks and milestones required to bring a project to the big screen. The Graphic Genie website states, "Organize the production team and align them to one vision. Be sure that the team is moving in the same direction and headed towards the same goal."

Film Production Schedule Generator

Template creation

The app offers editable templates. Production teams use them as starting blocks, filling in the necessary information for their project.

Tasks and descriptions

Production schedules are juggling acts - they account for hundreds of moving parts. A typical schedule accounts for talent availability and calculates shift times. Hospitals use call times, which refers to the time a project team member will be called to be on set and ready to work. Depending on the film project, call times can be as early as 4 a.m. and extend to 8 a.m. In addition to coordinating labor, production teams must schedule the delivery of props, costumes, and other filmmaking materials. 

A film production schedule must also account for meals. 

Project tasks and the pertinent details can be especially helpful. Teams can capture the nature of the task: scene, script, and the production location. For example, seasons in certain climates, such as winter, can limit the ability to record outside. Consequently, scenes set during that time, such as outside holiday scenes, are usually filmed ahead of time.

Once call times and locations are finalized, the film crew is assigned to various job scopes. In addition to scene changes and shooting times, these employees also coordinate with other departments like the makeup and wardrobe teams. Coordinate movements and make sure that no tasks are overlooked.

Schematics and visual presentation

The app's project board offers the option of adding visual representations, including pictures, to showcase the mood and style of the film. Users can create schedules for documentaries, feature films, and short stories. Accessible on digital devices.

Manual adjustments and optimization

Teams often face bottlenecks during the execution phase that the initial schedule didn’t consider, or shoot patriotic holidays with fireworks in the script. The Film Production Schedule Generator app allows users to make manual adjustments and optimize the plan throughout the duration of the project.


Post schedules online and coordinate with the team and key members.


While the structure of movie-making tends to focus around cookie cutter templates, some individuals or teams have specific needs to adhere to. Users can leverage the Film Production Schedule Generator API to customize the templates to suit their requirements.

Once complete, the schedules can be exported to any third-party compatible with the .csv format. Some available integrations include Excel and Google Sheets.

A Film Production Schedule Generator template

When creating a schedule, you can give it a name and write notes that only you (the author of the schedule) can view. This data is aggregated and used to improve the app and the app experience. The app does not share personally identifiable information (PII) and any sensitive information you include will appear in a notification in your email.

Creating Custom Film Production Schedule Templates With StackBear’s Graphic Genie

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