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Education Newsletter Writer, or StackBear, is an AI-powered tool designed to assist educators and administrators in generating school newsletters. The app not only helps you create unique content for your school community but also makes the process quicker and more effective. It helps by providing targeted content, pre-made templates, integrated app features, schedule management, and automation.

The app requires inputs such as the School Name, the Newsletter Topic, and the Tone of the newsletter. These inputs help the app understand your requirements and generate appropriate content.

The app uses intelligent machine technology to provide you with high-quality content options. After receiving your inputs, it generates a polished newsletter in minutes. It can suggest catchy headlines, provide eye-catching graphics, and even write well-framed content.

Yes, the app can suggest pre-made templates that can be easily customized according to your preferences. Its user-friendly interface doesn’t require any design or coding knowledge. Just choose a template and make it your own.

Yes, StackBear seamlessly integrates with other productivity apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Slack. You can import data from these platforms into StackBear and when you're ready, easily distribute your newsletter through your preferred email service provider.

StackBear allows you to create a content schedule for timely delivery of your newsletters. Whether you send out newsletters weekly, monthly, or yearly, StackBear can help you stay on track. You can also use your old newsletters as a base for future editions to ensure consistency.

About Education Newsletter Writer

If you’re an educator or administrator who frequently sends out school newsletters, you don’t need to be reminded of the multiple components required to make a successful one – identifying a template, creating unique content, distributing school news to your community at every grade level, and even coming up with snappy titles.

That’s why we invented StackBear: with it, all an educator or school administrator needs to do is take sixty seconds to take a quick quiz (so we can get some background context from you about your school), send you targeted content pre-ready to go out to your community, in the form of a stack of different, shareable newsletter stories that you can distribute throughout your community.

That’s it! With our intelligent machine technology, you can focus more of your time in areas that require it, like creating school newsletters that your community loves to read, or focusing on your other work responsibilities.

Read on to learn more about how StackBear can help make your life as an educator or school admin not only easier, but better.

1. More Time Saving

Whether you’re writing or editing your own content using our newsletter editor, or simply choosing a newsletter stack that we recommend to you, our key promise at the end of the day is to save you more time (and money) that you can spend in other areas of your professional life.

With that free time, your newsletters come out with greater consistency and if you have open communication in your district, like a weekly memo from your superintendent, in no time flat StackBear can create a graphic for you using the text that shares with the soon-to-be recent newsletter title and provide your district with that graphic that’s ready to be uploaded onto every social media channel that your district has, saving you ample time in the process.

There are a ton of apps that exist regarding graphic design, but as I shared with Rachel, our discussion went much deeper to address another common challenge that all educators face – they are oftentimes unaware of the proper dimensions for social media donut :hatching_chick: This could be perceived as a minor headache for some, but what if we could create graphics that take into consideration the dimensions that you would require for your design, that you could share out to everyone in your district, in the snap of your fingers?

StackBear can also suggest pre-made templates that can be easily customized according to your preferences. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require any design or coding knowledge. You won’t have to waste time on complicated formatting or learning new software. Just choose a template and make it your own.

2. Quality Content

Whether you need help with a catchy headline, eye-catching graphics, or well-written content, StackBear has you covered. Our AI-powered app uses machine learning technology to quickly provide you with high-quality content options. Simply provide some basic information, and the app will generate a polished newsletter in minutes.

Customizable Elements:…

Brand Consistency:…

Compelling Content: It’s hard to keep track of trends in social emotional learning, but you can trust our proprietary content to be downright incredible.

Over the years we’ve interviewed different experts in education and SEL, connected with DYI educators on the award-winning StackBear Teacher Influencer Network, and even monitored everything from the way educators have used at one point now defunct tools like Google+ and Ning for their schools or classrooms so that we are always on the cutting edge of new trends in the world of SEL and education.

Meaning, StackBear’s intelligent software is trained to monitor new trends and stay ahead of the curve with content production.

3. Integrated Apps

To save you even more time, StackBear has seamlessly integrated with other productivity apps. One click is all it takes to connect the app with popular tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Slack, and many more.

You can start a new project in StackBear with just a few clicks, and easily import content from your other tools. And when you’re ready to distribute your newsletter, simply connect StackBear to your preferred email service provider to send out your message with ease.

4. Consistency and Timing

The best newsletters provide valuable and relevant information on a regular basis. With StackBear, you can set up a content schedule to ensure timely delivery. Whether you send out weekly, monthly, or yearly newsletters, StackBear can help you stay on track.

The app also allows you to turn your old newsletters into new content. This feature is a time-saver, as revising existing newsletters is faster than creating new ones from scratch. You can make updates and changes to fit your current needs, ensuring your content is always relevant and up-to-date.

5. Automation

StackBear’s automated features make it easy to create, manage, and distribute newsletters. For example, you can create a newsletter template and use it as a base for future editions. Simply update the content and keep the design consistent for a professional and polished look.


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