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Dance Course Creator is an AI-powered app designed to help you create, curate and distribute high-quality, educational, captivating dance curriculums. The app is crafted to assist professional dance educators in crafting unique lesson plans that streamline the process of learning for the students.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Dance Course Creator app assists in creating engaging dance curriculums. It takes into consideration several factors like dance style, skill level, and age group to create an organized, user-friendly curriculum. It is designed to save your time, effort, and to provide a creative lesson plan that caters to the needs of your learners.

To craft a personalized dance curriculum, Dance Course Creator requires inputs such as Dance Style (like Ballet, Hip-hop, etc.), Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), and the Age Group of the learners. These inputs help the app to develop a comprehensive and engaging curriculum.

Yes, Dance Course Creator provides a versatile Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to transform your dance curriculum into an online course. This feature not only aids in saving time but also offers easy distribution, tracking, and analytics.

With its advanced LMS features, Dance Course Creator assists in transforming your dance curriculum and choreography expertise into a business. The app provides analytics on curriculum distribution and performance, helping you to scale and grow your dance business.

Dance Course Creator continually updates its AI-powered curriculum builder to incorporate the latest trends and styles in dance education. New concepts, curriculums, and dance styles suggested by experts in the dance industry are integrated into the app, giving you continuous access to up-to-date, cutting-edge dance education content.

About Dance Course Creator

Are you seeking to level up your own choreography, or inspired to craft and incorporate lesson plans that are captivating and educational? Have you found other technology solutions to be not quite the right fit for your learners? As you know, a carefully designed curriculum can help achieve these objectives.

Today, I’m sharing with you an app that can help streamline the development of dance education curriculum while addressing the specific needs of you and your learners. Available at Stackbear’s Services Shop, the app is AI-Powered Dance Education Curriculum Generator (Dance Course Creator).

Dance Course Creator allows you to create a beautifully curated, professionally sound, and engaging dance curriculum for leading others to dance education success. Through the app, you can implement cutting-edge trends, set your curriculum apart from others, and help individuals in your dance lessons realize their full potential.

Crafting dance lesson plans can sometimes be an arduous task. Application of your creativity and own dance styles on top of what learners need to learn within a particular style can often be challenging.

The app utilizes AI to assist in building your curriculum. Top-in-the-field experts help create the curriculum you need, saving you countless hours of work, and giving you an already-prepared curriculum you simply need to personalize – so there’s no shortage of creativity within your lessons!

What began as a concept has transformed into the most comprehensive dance education platform and professional network connecting dance educators and dance experts. Dance Course Creator is your one-stop-shop for all your dance curriculum and choreography needs.

We’re currently accepting dancers interested in getting their thoughts early and at a discounted rate. Click on the dance icon to join our waitlist below to save your spot and provide critical feedback shaping the future of Dance Course Creator.

Highlights and Features

Curriculum Everywhere, Designed Once

Curriculum you create or purchase – save time and energy with easy distribution, tracking, and analytics.

Save Time and Hold Lessons Online

A versatile LMS (Learning Management System) alternative to other more expensive options, and to transform your choreography & curriculum expertise into a business with LMS features.

State-of-the-Art, Top Experts in the Field

Curriculum and choreography of the highest quality, designed to maximize learning results and improve your dance studio.

Be in the Know on Cutting-Edge Trends

Learn new concepts, curriculums, and dance styles from experts who shape the dance education industry and discover inspirations you’ve never seen. Stand out as a dance instructor with Dance Course Creator.

Use your Dance Course Creator curriculum with Aviano, a dance site-away-builder and thoroughly integrated for a seamless experience. With Aviano + Dance Course Creator, students can learn how to dance, do business, and start successful dance careers all in one place.

What People Are Saying:

“I’ve been taking dance classes via Aviano for about 6 months now and it’s beyond amazing. I’ve learned more about dance in the past 6 months through Aviano than I did in two years at my local studio. The instructors are supportive, detailed, and give great feedback. Andrea pushes my limits (a very good thing).” -Aviano Studio Customer Review

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If you’re interested in personalizing your learners’ dance experience and looking to scale your dance courses, check out Dance Course Creator’s website.

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Dance Course Creator is Now Open for Applications on Stackbear.

Co-founded by Stackbear alumni, Timothy Chen and Kelvin Ngo, Dance Course Creator is simplifying the process of creating comprehensive dance curriculums for thought leaders across the dancing industry.


Dance Course Creator uses the latest innovations in dance to create compelling curriculums that help industry experts to generate a superior product. If you need a platform to assist you with organizing and publishing lessons, the Dance Course Creator may be the answer. So, you can focus more on honing your skills and expanding your business.

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