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AI-powered tool to help users generate legal contract draft text.

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Frequently asked questions

The Contract Drafting Assistant is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users, both legal professionals and otherwise, in drafting contracts. It provides helpful suggestions for contract language, ensures all key details are included, and allows for extensive customization to match your specific needs.

This app suits both experienced legal professionals and individuals looking for additional guidance in drafting legal contracts. It helps streamline the often cumbersome and time-consuming process, making it efficient and faster.

The AI Language Assistance feature uses natural language processing to suggest appropriate wording for your legal contract, based on a rich database of legal language. This helps ensure that your contract is professional and of high quality.

The app requires inputs of contract type, key stipulations, and parties involved to generate a draft contract text. These inputs help personalize your document to match your specific needs.

Yes, our app caters to a wide range of contract types, including NDAs, rental agreements, and licensing contracts, making it a versatile tool for various contract drafting needs.

Absolutely. While the AI suggests contract text based on the provided inputs, you have full control to accept or reject these recommendations to create a document that truly suits your and your client's needs.

About Contract Drafting Assistant

Whether you're a seasoned legal professional or just looking for a little extra guidance, contract drafting can be daunting. After all, contracts have significant implications, protecting your (and your client's) interests. Even one mistake can have dire consequences.

That's why we're so excited to present our Contract Drafting Assistant. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help you draft contracts quickly and confidently.

What is the Contract Drafting Assistant?

Our Contract Drafting Assistant is a user-friendly tool that helps you draft contracts. It features a rich database of legal language, so whether you're drafting an NDA, a rental agreement, or a licensing contract, Stackbear has likely got you covered.

Moreover, the assistant will quickly surface key points, like definitive details and timelines, to ensure everything's straightforward. Plus, it even offers extensive customization so cater to your needs, no matter how unique or complex.

Why Did We Make This?

When you draft contracts, time and efficiency count, not least because you want to ensure your business or personal interests are appropriately documented. But often, the process is somewhat cumbersome and time-consuming. Our Assistant helps simplify the process so you can create contracts faster while ensuring they're properly worded.

Features and Benefits

AI Language Assistance: Even if you're an experienced lawyer, actually drafting contracts is an expert's job. But not every lawyer knows every facet of the law (there are just too many!). That's where our language assistance comes in.

It showcases a rich database of legal language and uses natural language processing to suggest wording appropriate for your document. This ensures your contract will be high quality and professionally crafted.

Easy And Convenient: Contract drafting tends to be time and labor-intensive, but our Assistant makes the process as fuss-free as possible. With just some basic information (like who the parties in the contract are), you can create a fully tailored document.

Personalized And Overridable Help: The Assistant bases its suggestions on your input. But you can easily accept or reject its recommendations, creating a document that represents you and your client perfectly.

This is crucially important because contracts are legal documents, and you must be comfortable with what is in them.

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